My Own Worst Enemy

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It’s true.

Sometimes I am My Own Worst Enemy.

I got sucked into this today Dear Amy (dumbass adoptee).

I KNEW I should have NEVER clicked the link when I saw it! I DID! Yep, I clicked the fucking thing anyway and was, very shortly, embroiled in a thread regarding said Dumbass Adoptee.

I’m an idiot.

Someone kick me hard! Shake me! Scream at me; you moron!

Then, if you have to, quote Jesus for me; Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

(Deep breath…in…out…in…out…relax.)

In fact, I was the FIRST person to comment on the Advice Column Post. Thankfully, I’ve dropped a bit on the Hit Parade but I was still ‘stating my case’ up until a few seconds ago when I decided I was bordering on being the ‘dumbass adoptee’ and quit the thread. Yes, that’s me, Moon Mistress. Of course it is.🙂

I’ve gone from one extreme to the other on this issue…if you read my books you’re probably aware of that fact! LOL! Always we are Searching For Self. In my stories. In the stories of countless others. In our day-to-day lives.

Yet the truth is We Are Who We ARE. We don’t need to look outside of ourselves for the answer. It stares us in the mirror every single morning. Whether or not we choose to accept that is up to us.

I hope one day I’ll finally choose to accept that. Someday I’ll look at a link like that in Yahoo! News or any other ‘news’ outlet and think to myself; Moron. Then just pass it by. No click. No bullshit. No upheaval.

One day. Maybe.

Then again, I may write some pretty fucking boring stories from that day forward.


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