Calling ALL Cat Lovers

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This handsome fellow is Diego and he’s in desperate need of a loving home ASAP! He’s an older house cat, fixed, and comes with a bag of food. From what I understand he’s a very good kitty loving and affectionate but he had the bad luck to go to a lousy home and his owner will no longer let him in the house! Rather than finding him a home on her own or taking him to shelter she’s simply kicked him out. (People can be so heartless!) It’s freezing outside and temperatures are expected to drop drastically over the next few days. If you have room in your heart and home for this sweet cat please comment here or get in contact with me before I take him in. I have 3 cats already and, logically, I know I can’t care for a 4th long term but his story is breaking my heart and I can’t stand to see an animal suffer just because its owner is a moron. I will probably end up taking him in temporarily.

There is NO rehoming fee and transportation cannot be provided. You must pick him up although I suppose I could meet you halfway if you’re not too far. Diego is in New London, CT. Please help me help this kitty before the poor thing freezes to death.

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