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I think we’ve decided to keep Diego. Hubby brought him up to the bedroom last night and he sacked out for quite a while as hubby took pictures of him and posted them on his Facebook page! Yeah, I think the cat has found his home. Although, he doesn’t answer to ‘Diego’ or even look around to the name. Hubby (and I have tried) has started to taking to calling him Mongo…

The name is apt but I keep calling him ‘Fat Boy’. That’s terrible, I know! I’ve also found myself calling him ‘Fatso’. I gotta stop that. Other names that have uttered forth from my lips are ‘Jabba’ and ‘Buddha’. LOL

Anyway The Cat sprawled out and took over a quarter of the bed for a while, yes he’s soooo big he really does need his own twin-sized bed! He’s also very shy but affectionate and love to be pet.

Our oldest cat, Harry, seems to have developed a new injury in addition to his bum leg and has taken to staying in the basement for the time being. I go down and give him lots of love, I made him a bed, brought him a makeshift cat box and food which he’s not that interested in although he was very kind and peed in an old shovel on the floor last night rather than on the floor. That’s my Handsome Harry, my Don Gato, the Gentleman Kitty. I’m hoping he gets better but trying to prepare myself for life’s eventuality. He is 15 years-old and suffers from the occasional seizure. I think that’s how he hurt his front paw. I’m trying to stay optimistic he’s pulled through just about more shit than any other cat we’ve ever had but no one and no kitty lives forever.

In the meantime, Miss Luna and Charlie are trying to split me. Right now Charlie is on my lap and Miss Luna has decided to slip down between my chair and back to take a nap.🙂

On to other things….

We spent a nice part of this very cold afternoon adding some final touches and flourishes in to “Sins of the Father”. I realized it was important to make the final revelations as hard on Mason as they were on Hannah. I think we managed to do that. We’ve still got two ‘deleted scenes’ to deal with and I think they should be added back in along with one final tiny touch. We’ll see if I win that discussion. LOL

I’m really proud of this series, I don’t know if I’ve told you that or not but I am. I think it’s probably the best story we’ve written to date…maybe with the exception of “The Heart of War” (always near and dear to my heart and other parts of my aging anatomy). It’s the first plain old Good Story that we’ve ever written. It doesn’t rely on sex or paranormal beings or horror (Sorry Master King) it’s just a Good Story. People don’t read those anymore but I’m still very happy to be the one chosen to write it. I mean, c’mon, especially when you factor that I never had a brother….well, ya know, not until very recently that is.

So, ya know, don’t tell anyone😉 but I think come mid-winter, say the second week in February, we’ll have a nice week-long $0.99 sale on all ebook outlets. “Sins of the Father” will release between March 25th-29th in paperback then in mid-April or so in e-book…maybe that will help boost sales.😛

Not that I’m interested in sales anymore. I’m really not. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I may well turn out to be the new Vincent Van Gogh. That’s right, you know it, totally anonymous in life but utterly famous (possibly infamous..yeah baby!) in death. No worries, I’m keeping both ears.

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