L&M Is at it Again

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WOW, I got an invitation from L&M hospital for dinner…at the hospital, of course, not a REAL dinner. They want to explain to me why they should be allowed to keep the lights on in the parking lot for an additional 3 hours a night.

Let me make this clear to Mr. Cummings and his ilk…I don’t give a shit. No about you or your employees.

Until L&M is willing to to PAY TAXES to this city…I don’t care.

Go away.

You’re employees can just deal with the fact that the lot is closed and the lights are off at the stated time.

Got it?

I can make it a lot clearer if they’d like. I don’t give a rat’s ass about their supposed “1 million dollar investment to keep their employees from parking on local streets”. How about L&M DONATES 1 million dollars a year to its Host City? How about that? When they’re ready to do that perhaps I’ll listen. Until then, quite frankly, they can fuck off. That lot is an EYE SORE that totally RUINS my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods no less than six months out of the year.

L&M’s reasoning for this: Their ‘valued’ employees have to find their way to their cars in the DARK after 6pm. What a crying shame! Too bad. So sad. Bummer.

It’s high time L&M started ‘valuing’ its HOST CITY over its ‘valued employees’. The lot should be CLOSED at 6pm…period. That means if any ‘valued employee’ can’t find their way through the ‘dark’ after 6pm they’re shit out of luck. BTW, it’s not exactly pitch black at that hour considering the plethora of street lights and the ‘dim’ lights of the hospital lot after that hour. OR, perhaps, L&M could start offering Valet Service to its employees. You know, aft 6pm they MOVE the freakin’ cars FOR the employees to L&M’s existing lot on the L&M campus.

In the end, dear L&M you useless POS, we the neighbors, were here before you for the most part so you play by our rules. If you don’t like it then you are certainly very free to take you lousy hospital, the one that does NOTHING for the citizens of its HOST CITY, somewhere else. I hear Westerly, RI is nice and L&M Corp already bought Westerly, RI Hospital. So there’s a fair settlement for them….get out of New London. L&M does nothing for this city and the residents of New London don’t have any reason to do anything for them.

Got it?


Anytime you’re willing to pack your shit and get out, L&M, it’s good by me. Cya. Bye-bye. Honestly, a more useless bunch of assholes would be hard-pressed to be found in this city. Yes, they’re a ‘hospital’, yes, they try their best to ‘heal people’ but they give NOTHING BACK to their host city.

So don’t fool yourselves, New London, the way you did in voting to ‘improve’ New London High–which has been falling down since I went there 30 years ago! L&M is nothing but a bunch of leeches. Nothing more than that. Pardon me but I thought leeches were largely disproved as having any medical benefit about 100 years ago.

As I say to every leech; Die tonight. No one will ever miss you. Not one single person will feel your ‘loss’.


Well, as Einstein once said; stick your finger in a glass of water and watch the hole you leave behind.

No hole?

No benefit.

So sorry.

Move to Westerly. Then perhaps the good citizens of New London who are already besieged by leeches like you will finally find a good use for your old building(s). A place that will PAY TAXES and be happy to do so to this Jewel on the Thames and not a no-load like yourselves.

There’s an idea.

Pack up and get out.

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