Flat Out

I can’t remember the last time I was this tired. I can’t remember the last time we ran so far so fast! When we started doing these little re-writes on these stories I planned on having all of them done around Christmas. But we’re four down with three to go and it isn’t even spring yet. So, yes, I am tired!

(How tired are ya, Moonie?)

Glad you asked. I am sooooo tired that I’ve not just been in bed but asleep by about 8:30 every night for the past several days. Yep, I didn’t even get to watch “Sleepy Hollow” cuz I was too damn sleepy.

“Cold November Rain” is nearly done. We finished the first round of edits and gave it its first layer of polish. I don’t see any reason why this won’t release with “Sins of the Father” at the end of March. That’s ‘mass release’, of course, I’m sure it will be appearing on my site in 1st Edition Signed Paperback right around the beginning of February. I had forgotten what a weird little story this is and how complicated a character Julie is. No to mention Ritter…fuckin’ Eddie, man! One day I’ll write that character the actual way he wants and be done with him! Maybe. Hopefully. If not he’s just gonna keep creeping back time and again to drive me slightly crazy. Maybe, with a few more tweaks, whoever is sending me ‘Eddie’ will be happy and that will be that. Yes, in case you can’t tell already, we have another stalker to deal with in “Cold November Rain”. Except he’s not insane he’s just a pissed off cop this time around.

I have a headache. It’s almost a migraine and I can’t wait to lay down for the rest of the day. I doubt I’ll be able to stay awake until hubby gets home from PT tonight (6-freakin’-30!)

With any luck, as much fun as he’s having, The Big Guy will lay off me for a day or two so I can recuperate before we try to untangle the next story in the Sister Christian series. I’m thinking we may just cut out the entire first half of the last novel and just jump to the ‘romance’ portion of our program. The first half is very weird and complicated and probably won’t make much sense to anyone who wasn’t a “House” fan no matter how much we try to rework it. And….

Did I mention I’m tired? LOL

Way deep down in my soul I know this whole re-write thing is just us gearing up for the next installment in the OF WAR Series. It won’t be called OF WAR, we’re still working on a title and personally I’m hoping for a standalone novel instead of a series but, as Mick said, ‘you can’t always get what you want’.🙂 Whenever we make it there, it’ll be good to work with Ares and Crew again. Then again, there’s another novel rolling around in my head that will probably have our buddy Ares and the Olympians (one or two of them anyway) but not have anything to do with the OF WAR Series. He’s just got this crazy idea about rebirth and finding a baby in a dumpster. Could be good. It’s either write it that way or kill him off in OF WAR and then bring him back in a manner that will not sit well with readers, like, at all. Even I don’t like it and I’m usually up for damn near anything he wants to dole out but not this. Nah.

A hot cup of coffee and my couch are calling. Maybe I’ll get to find out what’s going on with Luke Spencer today. Damn soap opera roped me back in after 15-20 years of not watching it. Oh well, a little coffee, a little rest, and maybe we’ll be able to figure out what we’re doing with Sister Christian. I do believe we are going to do “Regret Me Not” and I gotta give you fair warning that story is chock full of sex like you have never seen me write before. I am no fan of three-ways but this one has a doosie and it takes up almost the entire story. That should wipe me out the rest of the way. LOL Ahhhh, Doc & Julie, Mason & Hannah, yes, these two are my “Desperation” and “The Regulators”, they surely are. Ya know, if I ever meet him, after fawning and drooling on him, I gotta Stephen King in the ass a good one (if I can get my leg up that high!) if he never wrote those two books I wouldn’t think this is OK and I’d have just picked one of these series to write, spill-over or not, I’d have dealt with it. Yep, one good swift kick for Master King.😛

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