American Sniper

Have you heard about this movie yet?

I know, I might as well something even more intelligent like; Have you heard smoking is bad for you? or Have you heard about Jesus Christ?😛

I’m not going to see this movie. That’s a shame only because I really like Bradley Cooper and he looks like he’s probably pretty good in this flick but I don’t do War Movies. You Old Timers knew that already. Unfortunately, that doesn’t shield me from the hoopla surrounding it as far as Yahoo! is concerned. (Doesn’t stop ’em from slamming me with Fifty Shades of Shit and/or The Kardashians either….fuckin’ bummer) I stumbled across an ‘article’ and the heading was something like ‘Dean Cain Sounds Off About Seth Rogen and American Sniper’.

Admittedly, I did a double-take as a slightly buzzing/aching/tingling ouch-that-kinda-hurts feeling in my head made me click the link as visions of “Superman” ran behind my eyes. (How long ago was that show? I dunno) There were only like 10 comments at the time so I added in the above–in very abbreviated form–that I had no interest in seeing the movie and had no comment on it other than I was rather surprised to see that Dean Cain was still alive and kicking.

That’s it.

I’m unAmurican now.

I’m a Liberal Nazi (wow, there’s an oxymoron!)

I hate Superman.


I didn’t comment again but I did laugh myself silly. All I could think of is an inside joke between me and hubby when we get to arguing over something incredibly stupid/petty it goes something like this; You do realize we’re arguing over how a Light Saber works, right?

(It doesn’t, btw, Light Sabers aren’t real, in case you were unaware)

Whatever, man. People are strange. Really strange.

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