I Am So Old

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I should just quit this writing game.

Did you know that?

Yep. We basically finished “Cold November Rain” except for some minor flourishes and I sent it off to one of my trusty Beta Readers. Today we sat down to do that freakin’ Spell/Grammar check on it. The one I had been dancing my ass off to avoid. Yeah, that one.

The story starts with sex.

I got squeamish even as we pushed through the first chapter and finished the first round of sex between Doc and Julie. The whole time I kept cringing and saying ‘I don’t want to do this’.

I kept hearing laughter in my head as someone chuckled; Catholic guilt

I gritted my teeth and tried to ignore him. But he kept laughing and whispering those two words until I cried out;


He laughed harder and reminded me that what I was feeling was a good thing. With any luck at all it means the Reader will feel Julie’s underlying guilt as she’s feverishly fucking Doc.

But Julie isn’t Catholic. We don’t even know what religion Julie is!

You, my darling, will always be Catholic at your core

That’s not true! I’m NOT a Catholic anymore!

Shake his head and sighs, Yes it is, they brainwashed you no matter how much you want to think it isn’t true. But, look at this way; Hannah’s Catholic, so, if it makes you feel better, just chalk it up to your spill over effect.

I hate you!

You love me.

You’re still a dick

I’m too old for this shit. I think someone else will have to do the blessed spell/grammar check on this one. Oh, I can’t wait to get to “Regret Me Not”…oh yeah, that should be freakin’ hilarious under the present circumstances with my so-called Catholic Guilt. They don’t take kindly to twenty pages of a threesome! LOL I’ll be going over it with my hand over my eyes peeking through my fingers at this rate.

It will all come together when Hannah finally takes her lover and you know it.

Maybe. Yeah, ok, fine. Yes. Still, this ain’t easy. All of the Catholic Guilt surrounding what Julie does will wash away once Hannah and her man get together. In the meantime, there’s some crap to go through before everyone reaches their Happily Ever After.

If anyone want to Beta this thing for me and run the Almighty spell/grammar check on it….it’s all yours.

Other than that, I think we finally found the right place to split the original “Sister Christian” novel so that it makes “Mysterious Way”, another maybe short story, “Prodigal Son”, and then ending with “Hannah’s Heart”. That’s good because that’s the series I really want to concentrate on.

Then let this one be what it is; hot, dark, and dirty.

Why do I keep hanging out with him?

You love me.

Oh yeah, that’s right. I love you. I dunno know why right now but yes, I adore you.

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  1. I know all about the Catholic guilt thing. Lol but you are an awesome writer, with or without the sex! Sister Christian Is incredible… I totally enjoy all of your books!

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