Shelter From the Storm

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OK, I think I’m ready for our big blizzard.

I did my Storm Shopping on Friday but was bitterly disappointed by the inch of snow we received. Yesterday, the Weather Man kept hyping this blizzard whereas two days before that it was ‘oh we might get a little more snow on Wednesday’. Gotta love New England! Even you are caught up in Deflate Gate🙂

Anyway, when the ticker started saying ‘If you must travel take a blanket, food, and water with you, be prepared to be stuck in your car’….I hit Stop & Shop again this morning before work. I never leave the house before 7:45 but I figured it would be best to do it on my way to work and then be able to just skate on home with one tiny stop at the package store. Hey, gotta have stuff to keep you warm when the snow is 22-36 inches deep and the power’s out. I got a bottle of Cherry SoCo to keep my innards toasty. The store was empty…not many people or items on the shelves. The place had 2 check out lines open. One for 12 Items or Less and one regular check out where the line was 8 deep! I used the self-checkout even though I don’t like doing that with more than twenty items because its hard to bag and scan at the time.

I got cat food, we were out. Four cats go through a lot of food and really quickly too! So they’re all set. Got coffee, we were out. Got cream, we were out. Got eggs, we were almost out. Some yogurt and some munchies, a few cans of chicken noodle soup and tuna. (Yes, I use a hand crank can opener…LOL) We have a bag of charcoal, hubby’s picking up mantles for the lantern and small bottles of propane for our camp stove. Yeah, I know we’ve never been camping but this sucker is very handy when the power is out. We make coffee with it and heat up soup you can even fry up a grilled cheese or some eggs. The charcoal we’ll save for bigger pieces of meat should we need it.

Boss closed the Hall down at 9:30 when the snow started. They’re saying we’re due for 1-3 inches of heavy wet snow before the blizzard itself even gets here! I told him I didn’t know when I’d see him next, obviously it won’t be tomorrow and with the storm expected to go through Wednesday it won’t be Wednesday either. Might not even be Thursday depending on the roads. The main roads will be fine by Tuesday night but the side streets are bound to suck until spring thaw! Thank the Gods for my neighbor with the snowplow on his truck or I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to get off the street until the weekend.

We have gas for the snow blower. We have enough oil and if the power goes out we have some wood for the stove or the fireplace. All of my candles are in one place. There are batteries in the radio. Laptop is charging. Old iPad is charging and phone is charging. Not that there will be any Internet if the power goes out but we’ll be able to watch a movie or two on the laptop and I’ll be able to write/edit. I’ve cleaned the house. The dishes are washing. I took out the trash. Made the bed and even brought the last of the laundry upstairs as I was making sure there wasn’t anything on the floor to trip over and break your neck on should someone not see it in the dark.

All kitties are inside and not going anywhere no matter how much they whine. They have a clean liter box and I know that cuz I scoop that sucker four or five times day. Ick.

Hubby will be home early and we’ll fill up the Gatorade coolers with water and the big sucker too. We keep that for flushing toilets if we need it. Then we’ll settle in and ride it out.

If you don’t hear from me for a few days it’s because I’m chest-deep in snow and without power! If you’re in this with me…stay safe, stay warm, and for God’s sake don’t travel if you don’t absolutely have to!! Just cuddle up with a buddy and find a way to entertain yourselves for the next 48 hours or so😉

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