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So, once again I’m here to bitch and opine. Aren’t you lucky?

Let’s blame it on the time of year, shall we? Father is coming back and I feel his strength starting to stir inside me but not enough to spur me on, not yet, just enough to piss me off. LOL (Non-Pagan Translation: The Sun is returning to the sky but not quite enough for me just yet. I’m still in the throes of a touch of SAD.)

#1- We got a little more snow. About 3-5 inches of heavy wet icy stuff. Oh joy. Such fun to have cars encrusted in a 1/4 of ice. Some of the snow piles are so high I can’t see over or around them anymore. The drive to work was no fun today; Jefferson Ave (main thoroughfare) was closed and I actually had to drive all the way back to my house to take a different route to get to the Hall this morning. Yeah. That was fun. On like no gas. Woot!

***Reminder to Self: GET GAS tomorrow morning!***

#2- Have you ever looked at someone and thought: How did you survive so long on Planet Earth? I’m asking because I can’t tell you how many times that thought went through my head today as I explained about the blizzard and the snowstorm that local residents obviously missed. That could be why the Hall was closed, yes, yes, it could. That wasn’t the only thing. I got some of the dumbest questions in the History of Mankind today. I did! (For those of you who think that There’s No Such Thing As a Stupid Question…you’re a moron and you probably ask more dumbass questions than anyone has a right to.) Over and over I was asked about the simplest tasks/policies/routines such as;

Yes, you must completely fill out the money order. (Duh!)

Oh, how? Well, doesn’t it have instructions.

Oh, it does, wonderful. (Why don’t you just fucking follow them?)Then I guess you should do what it says.

I won’t go into anymore detail than that because TPTB who read this blog won’t appreciate my humor.😛

#3-HSBC. Gotta hate ’em. I tell you if there were ever a Terrorist Attack that I could really get behind…hitting those sons of bitches would be it. Oh, I’d stand and cheer until my throat was dry and cracked. I would. Look, there are no ‘innocent people’ working there. Not one. Zero. So….I wouldn’t mind at all. For the last two months my mortgage statement has come marked “IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION ENCLOSED”. Guess what? It’s just a regular mortgage statement. There’s no tax information never mind the ‘important’ variety. It is TAX SEASON so I’d really appreciate getting my “IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION” so if they could get up off their royal duffs and put it in the mail to me, for realsies, I’d appreciate that oh so much. Oh, yes, and if they could stop calling me when the mortgage is ONE DAY late I’d appreciate that too. Dicks. They are. Not even the good strong hard kind they’re just limp wankers.

#4-WRATH OF THE TITANS. Yeah. Ok. I worked my ass off on my site this weekend, as usual and not that anyone cares or that it attracts oodles of visitors…it doesn’t. It’s become a ‘royal pain in my duff’ actually. But, my motto is Never Surrender so I don’t and I keep at it. I got a nice MidWinter Book Bash together and did some small promo on it. By the time I was finished I was tired. I sat down with hubby on the couch only to discover he was watching “Wrath of the Titans”. You Old Timers already know I panned “Clash of the Titans” and I had no reason so expect this to be any different. It wasn’t. It basically sucked. I sat there playing Farm Heroes on my phone until someone on the TV shouted out: “Ares!”

My head snapped up and I expected to see yet another tall lanky less-than-meaty actor in my favorite role. I was surprised to see a beefy man. IMDB tells me this guy was in “Vantage Point”, I think he was the terrorist but I’m not sure. If that’s the case he isn’t really that big. Still, he was Ok in the part….what there was of it. It was nice to see Father again even if he was having a really bad day🙂 The movie still stinks. Don’t bother.

#5-Vaccinations. OMFG! There are 100 cases of MEASLES in the country and everyone is going batshit insane over it. WTF? You know, I bet people in “Third World” Countries look at us go; How weak and pathetic those Americans are. Seriously. I’d bet money on that. There were a paltry 288 cases in the US in 2014 and NO ONE DIED. Not one. So please shut the hell up already and get on with something that means something. We’ve been brainwashed, my friend, well some of us have anyway. You know, back in the Dark Ages, when I went to school measles were a part of growing up. That’s all. You were uncomfortable. You had a rash. You were probably itchy and might have had to wear oven mitts on your hands for 10-14 days but you survived. You probably better off for having been inconvenience and uncomfortable for two weeks. It made you a little tougher and a little readier to handle Life’s REAL Problems. Hell, our parents actually EXPOSED us to measles, mumps, and chicken pox hoping we’d get it. No they weren’t mean or cruel. They were realistic, they knew the hard truths of life, handled them, lived through them, and wanted the same for their children. Oh yeah, BTW, not one of my friends died from any of the ‘childhood disease’ either. Not one. None.

Today if an American get a cold it’s a hugeass deal! My God they’re DYING! If you’re a parent and you don’t want your kids vaccinated that’s fine with me. If you’d like them to have a stronger immune system and be given better tools to handle adulthood, to be made a bit haler and heartier in mind, body, and soul, that’s ok with me. If you want to have them vaccinated…go for it. If they’re vaccinated you shouldn’t have to worry about the unvaccinated population…right?

Personally I’d rather see vaccines for cancer (a real one) and AIDS be made mandatory. Oh wait, there aren’t any. Damn. Gee, I wonder why that is? Hummmm……oh well, never mind. My mistake.

Some people theorize that vaccinations have something to do with the exploding rate of autism. I don’t know about that but I do have my own theory surrounding Big Pharma, vaccines, diabetes, and “obesity”. I think I’ll spare you my opinions on that one and we’ll save that for another time.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. I always enjoy what you think!😉

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