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I’m having an AWESOME time writing this new story of ours! I AM going to put it up on my site FREE to READ in ROUGH DRAFT FORM. That’s an old tradition on the site that I’ve gotten away from given the firestorm when “Heart of War” disappeared from several sites at chapter 25. I warn you now this story may do the same. I am inviting those who wish to join me to get a peek at the inner workings of the creation of the story. If you want to come along that’s great. If you want to wait for the finished polished version that’s great too. But, either way, you may be asked to pay a whole $0.99 to read the entire thing. If, when you get to the place where you have to pay, you don’t feel ALL that you’ve already read and all that you’re about to is worth the cost of a cruddy cup of coffee….too bad.

If you’re still interested you can look for full rough draft chapters to begin appearing on the site within the next two weeks.

All those wondering; What about Mason and Hannah????? No worries. We will get there by the end of the year, I swear! For those who read the original; I further swear that yes you will get the ending you were originally hoping for…eventually.

Now I want to share a snippet from “Stay With Me” with you. **Caveat…if you are OFFENDED by this snippet please tell me you are and why. I think it’s funny but your mileage may vary***

From the rough unedited draft of the upcoming novella/novel “Stay With Me” by Lisa Beth Darling ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

“Ya know, with me away at school and out of your hair you might get a boyfriend or something.”

Kate turned to look at him with wide eyes, “Boyfriend?”

“Yeah, ya know, I hear they got this thing called sex and that it’s awesome. I think you might like it.”

“Sex? You hear?”

“Yeah, I hear.”

“Does that mean that….oh never mind, I don’t want to know. There are some things a mother just shouldn’t know about her son.”

Jack leaned in, “You sent me to an all-boys school and there’s no all-girls school nearby,” he led hoping that answered the question dancing in her eyes but it didn’t.

“Yeah, well, if I hadn’t, with the way you look, I’d be a grandmother by now.”

“Thanks mom,” he grinned, “I’m glad to know you think I’m so irresponsible.”

“I don’t think you’re…that’s not what I meant.” Kate was flustered and having a hard time hiding it. Jack knew he could talk to her about anything no matter how personal or small and this bit of news surprised her. “Well then, why not? What’s the problem? There are plenty of girls your age in town. They drool over you, my boy, and titter when you walk away from them, I’ve seen them.” She had no doubt they didn’t just titter over him, they creamed their jeans every time he walked by and had hot raging hormone filled dreams about him. Kate didn’t doubt that because if she wasn’t his mother, and she was twenty or thirty years younger, she’d be dreaming about him too.

Jack shook his head, “I don’t know, guess I just haven’t found the right girl yet.”

Most boys his age didn’t wait for the right girl any girl would do. She made sure to lower her voice a bit as her eyes scanned their surroundings for prying ears before whispering, “Are you gay?”

Jack’s deep brown eyes popped wide as saucers, “Am I…what? What the hell kinda question is that? What…”

“It’s alright if you are, you can tell me, I’d never judge you. I could never be ashamed of you. Never. You’re the light of my life, my beautiful baby boy, I’ll always love you, always, and support you. I don’t care if you’re gay, we live in Massachusetts you could find a nice man and get married and have and family and….”

“Whoa, stop right there. I am so not gay, mom.”

“Are you sure?”

“Am I…wow. Yeah, mom, believe me, I like girls just fine. I’m positive I’m not gay.” Jack leaned back behind the wheel and sighed deep, “However, I am cursed,” he admitted finally.

Fearing he was catching on the rouse she’d so carefully put in place over the years, and, honestly, preferring to hear that he was gay, Kate put a hand over her swiftly beating heart, “You’re what?”

“Yep, I’m cursed, my mother raised a gentleman and there’s nothing I can do about it.” His head rolled on his broad shoulders to look at her and give her a wide grin. “It’s a bitch.”

“Oh you!” Feeling her heartbeat began to slow and relief wash over her she gave him a little shove. “That’s not nice to do to a witch.”

“Had ya goin’ though, didn’t I?” Over his warm hand hers was turning chilly, “It’s getting late, let’s go home. Gay. Good lord.” Turning the engine, he pushed the button to raise the ragtop into place before starting off on the ride to the house.

Offended? Yes/No/Maybe? Leave comments here.

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  1. Still lovin it…..🙂

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