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A friend of mine posted that my FB page today (I’d never seen it before) I laughed so hard I thought I was truly in danger of pissing myself. I did.
I freely and unabashedly admit that I’ve had a great time posting the lousy movie reviews for “Fifty Shades of Grey” today on my FB.

I have. I’m not ashamed. Please remember, I HAVE taken many many many ‘knocks’ over the years and I have been the victim of a ton of ‘Internet Bullying’, so, before you ask; no, I don’t feel sorry for EL James, she honestly deserves the shitstorm coming her way. Baby if you can’t take the heat (the real passionate down n dirty heat) stay the fuck out of the kitchen…and the bedroom, off the couch, the floor, the stairs…you get the idea. I’ll defend my position to the death–of any opposer–who wants to take me on. Anybody? C’mon, I double dawg dare ya. Find your Big Girl Panties and step on up.

Of course, I’ve been very vocal in my opposition to this POS for….well…a while now. I’ve done it here, on FB, and all the hell over the Internet with a rapier wit and very razor-like pen. No, I’m not ‘jealous of EL James’. I wouldn’t be EL James if you promised me the numbers for the next four PowerBall drawings. She’s a joke. A rich joke but a joke nonetheless. She will be the butt of many jokes long after she’s dead along with Cast & Crew from this movie.

Now THAT’S Poetic Justice!

If you loved this story

1) What the fuck are you doing here?
2) Are you a Regular Reader of my books and/or this blog?
3) How old are you?
4) What do you consider to be The Best Book You’ve EVER read…in your whole entire life.

Inquiring minds wanna know.

Now for my Shits & Giggles and hopefully your amusement

From the New York Times (0h thank you!) ““Fifty Shades of Grey” might not be a good movie — O.K., it’s a terrible movie — but it might nonetheless be a movie that feels good to see, whether you squirm or giggle or roll your eyes or just sit still and take your punishment.” So, ya know, I’m guessing that means it is kinda like “Snakes on a Plane”😛

“A call to Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 theaters revealed that “Sponge Bob” was doing better than “Fifty Shades.” I got the same kind of report from AMC Pacific Place.”

“Were it not for Johnson, the film based on the trilogy of bondage and sadomasochism bestsellers by E.L. James, would be all but unwatchable.”

I could keep going but why kick a cow that’s already been tipped?

My point is; Not EVERYONE is as gullible as the media likes to portray. Some of us still have sense, taste, class, style, and an overall sense of what Is Good and What Sucks. It looks like we may be winning out in the end as most of the reviews try really hard to be positive, they do, they reach, they stretch, they give back-handed compliments all over the place, a few of them have even said it was “a beautiful love story”. Oh, wait, sorry, that was GMA. They jumped on the “Fifty Shades of Shit” right at the start and never looked back. They jumped harder than ‘Christian Grey’s’ cock will ever get. Hummmm….who actually owns Random House? Again, Inquiring Minds wanna know.

Anyway, I feel…vindicated…justified…over-the-freakin-moon about all of this. I mean c’mon, even Lego and

Got in to the act. Well, ya know, among others🙂

Since this overblown cardboard-like schamltz was so incredibly popular (mainly because it was originally FREE…hahahaha) I’ve decided to take a cue from EL James and yes many stories are now FREE on my site. Pages are encoded for online reading but you can also get a FREE PDF copy of several stories of mine. I figure…what the hell? As I’ve said before I actually have skills that go far beyond writing so I don’t need these to pay the rent (neither did EL from what I understand about her pre-fifty shades financial situation…yep, it’s still All In Who You Know) so why not just share them with everyone? I’m not expecting, and as we’ve already said, nor would I even accept becoming the Next EL James (or that other one-trick pony JK Rowling) I’m just me, plain old me, hoping to tell a good story and reach an intelligent audience.

yeah, not just any audience.

I write for mature people. Mostly for females AND males in my age bracket…hummm, what is that… 40-60?….something like that. I tend to leave younger naive folks to younger naive things and dumb(er) ideals.

So if you’d like to read

The Heart of War
Child of War-A God is Born
On A Hot Summer Night

for FREE…. hit up for the details.

I’m planning on making Dream Weaver and GENESIS free before too long. Dream Weaver is a PITA but GENESIS should go quickly🙂 Keep on the lookout for Stay With Me which will start to appear on the site, in encrypted pages, around mid-March or so.

It felt good…really really really good…putting that page together yesterday and today. It did. I’m back to my own roots and that puts me

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