Wicked Fun-Fifty Shades of War is Done

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I feel bloody fucking fantastic!

I sat here from 10 o’clock yesterday morning to 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon and came within sight of The Finish Line when I just couldn’t go on anymore. I was so tired and then angry with myself for not pushing through it! I thought about the story ALL NIGHT. I got up a 8 o’clock…on a freakin’ SUNDAY…and sat here until just past 1 this afternoon finishing it off, doing the spell/grammar check, coding it, grinding it, then uploading it. I really have to say that I think this is the most cathartic thing I’ve written since “The Heart of War”. It truly is.

Furthermore, I’m just as proud of “Fifty Shades of War” as I am “Heart”. Pardon me while I tell you without shame or pretense; I beat the pants off EL James and her crappy story. I did! I whooped her ass but good. Her and her pathetic little boy-toy Mr. Grey.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, good ol’ EL didn’t set the bar very high. I know.

But, not once through all my rants, raves, pleadings, and complaints did I ever come close to saying anything like; “EL James’ stuff is pure crap…here READ MINE instead”. Again, I’m very proud of myself for that. A lot of authors took that route but I did not. Now, next week some time, we can get back to “Stay With Me”, especially now that we’re fully in touch with The Big Guy once more😉

If you’re interested in reading “Fifty Shades of War” the Anti-“Fifty Shades of Grey” ‘fan’ fiction, the link has been made public so go to http://www.moonsmusings.com/fiftyshades to start reading about how Ares and Alena take down everybody’s favorite ‘wounded’ ‘damaged’ ‘poor boy’ ‘it’s not his fault’ rich handsome….sociopath…Mr. Grey. Where you can discover the difference between a ‘dominant man’ and ‘domineering man’, which is something EL was unable to provide you with. You can read online where I’ve provided the reader with a nice soundtrack or you can download the .pdf from the site OR you can get in touch with me for a .mobi or .epub formatted version perfect for your Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks or other e-reader. Yes, of course, it’s all FREE.

If you go over or ask me for a copy and you read it, I’d love to know your opinion. As for myself, I’m off to finish the pint bottle of SoCo then later for a hot bath. I’ll get back to all original writing in a day or two but, I must say, revisiting “fan” fiction was fun this last week. More fun than I’ve had in a while.

If you’re interested in reading something that tells the truth about ‘Christian Grey’ and is totally, wonderfully, absolutely empowering to women…give this one a shot. I think you’ll be surprised.

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  1. Obviously I loved it…. Along with the “1408” and the Alice Cooper video. You have never disappointed me, my friend!

    • You’re an Alice Cooper fan too? That’s awesome! I was afraid no one would remember him. LOL I had to throw “1408” in there🙂 I’m glad you liked the story. Thanks so much for reading it, my friend!

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