Worn Out

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I didn’t get up until 11:30 this morning. Nope. While I still feel energized I’m whopped on too! I can’t remember the last time we pushed that far that fast. Yesterday, when I looked at the clock and saw it was 1:30pm I was shocked! I sat here ALL DAY…in my pjs no less…and wrote. I never do that, especially not in my pjs, usually the very first thing I do when I get up is get dressed. I didn’t get dressed at all yesterday.🙂 There just wasn’t any time for it.

Hubby’s sick and he was kind enough to share with me. I coughed almost all night and not the good loose kind either I think that’s a few days away yet. My chest hurts, it’s like someone’s sitting on it. I’m hot. I’m achy. Blek. All that writing didn’t do me any good when it came to fighting this off. I couldn’t believe I slept that long and my cats were not happy about that fact. They kept coming in the bedroom and meowing in my face wanting their breakfast which was about 6 hours late. LOL

I checked my stats last night and had over 300 hits. I saw people were getting the redirect page which means there was a broken link, well there were two broken links actually but, hey, after all that there’s bound to be an error or two. I am only human. I fixed one link from my phone in bed and couldn’t find the other to save my soul. I did find it this morning. What I don’t understand is why no one dropped an email to tell me the link(s) were broken. Just say ‘hey, it’s busted’ and I’ll fix it. I’m a One Woman Band here and sometimes I could use a little help. But it’s all fixed now. “Fifty Shades of War” and the Free Stories page are lit up like Christmas trees. I haven’t seen that much action on my site in a long time and so far everyone who’s read it and contacted me has adored “Fifty Shades of War”, which is good. Oh, I did lose a few FB ‘friends’ and ‘fans’ over it but you know me; fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. Chances are they weren’t buying anything anyway. I think the story came out really well, it’s certainly the most fun I’ve had in a while. It could use a few tweaks but fuck it for free I’m not going to worry about it.

People are downloading and reading online and it’s all good. I really like going back to this FREE thing, it’s the way I started and it feels rights. Hell, even “Daughter of the Gods” has picked up a new audience. So I’ll be uploading more .pdfs and making more pages for other stories after I get over this bug. I figure what the hell? It’s better than whoring myself out for a crappy $0.99. Yep, I’d rather be a slut than whore any day🙂 So if they want it free they can have it. Besides, it takes all kinds of pressure off me and I can get just get back to doing what I do best–writing. Instead of worrying about promos and sales and posting all over creation to tell people about my books. That shit is really really annoying and draining so I’m not doing it anymore.

No, there probably won’t be anymore stories in the OF WAR Series going free except “Christmas Eve on Olympus” it’s short so who cares? Since those books are permanently reduced to $0.99 I figure if people really want to know more about Ares & Alena they’ll part with the crappy $0.99 and if not….that’s fine too. It’ll cost them a whole $3.00 to read the entire 6 book series. I think that’s a deal any day of the week. “GENESIS” will join the Free Page next along with “The Limikkin”. I may let “Sins of the Father” and “Cold November Rain” go free too.

Right now I’m going to crawl back into my bed and rest. My back hurts, my chest aches, and my hands are swollen like balloons. Sleeping last night, while long, was no fun. I kept waking up with my shoulders to fingers on fire. I’ve really got to get that carpel tunnel surgery but I don’t want to be out of commission that long but sooner or later the pain will force me to do it. Not yet though. Not just yet. We’ve still got “Stay With Me” to write.

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