On The Mend

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Three days in bed can really do a number on your back.

Oh yeah, no, wait….not in a good way🙂

I laid down so long these last three days I thought my spine was going to yank itself out of my back and walk away. But, it was hard to get up. You know you’re sick when you walk outside into the snow in 5 degree weather and find it refreshingly brisk. That’s exactly what I did yesterday. I finally dragged my butt off the couch long enough to run to the corner store for a few needed supplies and swore I saw steam coming off my body! It felt good. It truly did.

I managed to pull it together long enough this morning to go into work and put a few hours in catch up on everything then I came home to clean the house. Four days of the only two people living here being sick makes for one messy house. The cats ran crazy and trashed the place. We trashed the place too. So that’s a little better now. I was sitting here working on a graphic


before going to lay down again when a strange car pulled into my driveway. I looked out the window and saw a woman but didn’t recognize her. By the time I got the back door she was gone. I opened the door and there on my stoop was a bag with ginger ale, orange juice, and Daytime NyQuil.


I sent hubby a text; Did you tell someone to drop this stuff off to me?

He text back; No!

I sent a text and said I thought it could have been a neighbor but I wasn’t sure.

He sent a text; don’t use it! It could be a crazed fan!

That was my original thought…LOL

Then I got a FB message from my neighbor telling me she’d left the care package.


Thanks, Connie! It sure came in handy!

So handy that hubby is taking me out to dinner tonight after his PT. It was nice to just go outside yesterday after being so hot, sweaty, achy, miserable and cooped up. But, I don’t know if I’ll be good company come later tonight. I’ll try. Besides, this will be the first real meal I’ve eaten since Sunday. I think I lost a few pounds. I picked at this and that but couldn’t even eat a whole bowl of chicken noodle soup. So this will be interesting.🙂 I have, however, drank about two gallons of water over the last 4 days. Still a little achy but I’m coughing a lot healthier, yep, nice and loose.

Back to work for a full day tomorrow. At least I’m caught up on everything. Maybe this weekend we’ll get back to “Stay With Me” although The Big Guy and Raven are wanting a story of their own. We gotta get all of those escaped souls including Apollo, Cernunnos and Jaakim back into Dis, after all. I do intend to do it but I’d like to do this first.

It can all wait a few more days for the rest of this to push out of my system.

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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Enjoy your dinner tonight! 😃

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