I’ve Been a Bad Bad Girl

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It’s true. It’s true. Know what? I couldn’t give a flying fuck less!

I uploaded “Fifty Shades of War” to Fanfiction.net and LitErotica. I intend to ‘spruce up’ the LitErotica version in the next few days by adding in that sex scene between Raven and Ana…but only on that site and just for kicks. Oh, ok, if it comes out to everyone’s ‘satisfaction’ I may add it in to my downloadable version tooπŸ˜‰

I also remembered how much I really don’t like ff.net and why. It’s kind of a pain and their version doesn’t read as well as the downloadable one on my site. I probably won’t be paying attention to any comments on either site and ‘anonymous’ comments have been turned off on LE. I hate that no balls bastard so I’m not letting him comment on my stuff. No, of course, I have no intentions of taking it down from either site. Yes, I published it as ‘Ebony Clarke’ but noted that it’s actually me.

It’s been a bad day. That’s my only excuse. Lots of stuff happened at work that I won’t talk about here and then someone tried to crawl up my ass over “Fifty Shades of Shit” and didn’t take kindly to my calling them the ‘lowest common denominator’. I told them if the unstylish shoe fit they should wear it with pride but not to be surprised when someone looked at their feet and said; Man, those are some ugly shoes.πŸ˜› They went off on a tangent that, as usual, said a hell of a lot more about them than it did me. They didn’t appreciate it when I pointed that fact out to them either. Oh well. Funny how people don’t like it when you point out to them that they should be careful or they’ll be Bundy’s or Ramirez’s or Dahmer’s next victim…well, you know, provided those guys weren’t already dead. But, hey! The bright spot is there’s always a serial killer right around the next dark corner. So ya never know, those ‘women’ could fall for one of them any day and get their fondest wish. Should be fun for…him. And, ya know, some of those types of guys make oodles of money when you try to turn them into Prince Charming with a deep dark poor-little-baby past.

At least I didn’t do that with Ares. The OF WAR Series is not some kind of fucked up ‘Cinderella Story’. I was very conscious about that fact all through the OF WAR Series and I did my utmost best to NOT do that with Ares. He is what he is. Alena never tries to change him, she accepts him the way he is warts and all. Good news there is he never really goes out of his way to be complete domineering asshole to her. Lucky Alena, huh? Then again he’s an adult whose dealt with his past, reconciled with it, and is

At least with me, the reader knows who and what he is from the get-go, what they don’t know is its his brother Apollo and his wonderful son Eros you gotta watch out for.

I’m currently looking for other places to upload it, if you know any let me know. I’m open to every single site out there. Well, except ‘Kindle Worlds’. I still don’t think its right to get paid nor to give them exclusive rights to what is essentially a ‘fan’ fiction piece. Those should always be free. If ‘Kindle Worlds’ would let me give it away without exclusivity I’d upload it there in a heartbeat. You know I would.

So I thought I’d share it with the world on a broader basis. Should be fun. C’mon world

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  1. Smashwords? You have kinda full control there if you set it free.

    • I don’t feel right about selling something that’s fanfiction even though it’s mostly original so I won’t put it up for sale call me crazy but I am so Hahaha

    • You’re right and I’ve thought about it but I’m not sure they allow ‘fan’ fiction. I think it has to be all original but, as usual, I could be wrong.πŸ™‚

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