L&M Hospital…Yes, Them AGAIN

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Most of you Old Timers know about my neighborhood’s struggles with Lawrence and Memorial Hospital Corporation the nasty beast that, once upon a time, was a true and welcome part of our little City on the Thames. Yeah, they’re at it again.

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Asks Six Towns To Help with Funding for Paramedics Keep in mind this a private not-for-profit hospital that pays no taxes, not even a little chump change out of the goodness of its Grinchy little heart, that bought Westerly Hospital, that expands and extends itself ALL over the place under a shell corporation taking countless properties off already beleaguered tax rolls, and, oh yeah, locked its staff out and threatened to cut off their health insurance. Let’s not forget the rather large salaries paid to the…people…on The Board. And the Parking Lot, of course, let us never forget that monstrosity that I have to gaze at 6 months out of the year. Probably longer this year given all the snow and the fact that there isn’t a bud or blossom anywhere in sight.

Nice people, huh? Real swell guys.

The only good thing about this article is that L&M (it’s not L+M you idiots, I keep telling you jerks to get a better PR firm. L+M=N…morons) is that they’re not just asking poor little ol’ New London to foot the bill for their overspending. That’s exactly what happened; they overspent and now they have a shortfall. B-O-O H-O-O. Don’t know what they’re paying their accounting and investing people but me thinks its too much. If it were you or me we’d just have to live with the fact that we’re in The Red and struggle to get out of it but when you’re L&M you get to hit up every Tom, Dick, and Harriet for cash.

Here’s my most heartfelt suggestion to L&M; Set up a GoFundMe Account…see how far you get. Maybe some of your ‘big investors’ will pony-up for ya. Don’t count on the Little Guy though, after all, L&M could only get 2 people to show up for it’s little Let Us Tell You Why We NEED to Keep the Parking Lot Lights on Until Midnight Meeting. I’ll bet the truth of that low turn out never even entered their bloated heads. The truth is this; no one wants to talk to them anymore. They’ve worn out their welcome with their piggish ways.

Of course, I can’t speak for the other towns who are currently looking at L&M’s open greedy palm but I do know for sure that New London has, you know, a Fire Department that also has, you know, Ambulance Service. So we’re already paying for that. I see no reason to subsidize a private paramedic crew/ambulance. None. In fact, when those paramedic jobs go, I’ll gladly hire the crew on as City Employees. Top that off with the idea that L&M thinks towns should pay based on ‘population’….guess which town has the most people out of the six? Yeah, New London, you know the town that’s already carrying L&M’s dead weight on its nearly broken back…and we’re really just once again over the top. Not that L&M cares, well, ya know, hey, at least their idiotic PR firm doesn’t try something like “The Hospital with a Heart”. At least they’re that honest.

Here’s my proposal for Cost Saving Measures for L&M

1-Stop overspending
2-Stop eating up all of the property you can stuff down your gullet
3-Stop the Valet Service for your employees and make them walk the whole 1/4 mile from the Ocean Ave. lot to the main entrance
4-The Board is obviously overpaid so a salary reduction is in order, gotta tighten those belts Fat Cats
5-The accounting/investment department is also overpaid, more salary reductions are in order
6-The PR firm is also obviously overpaid so….bye-bye

If those things are done L&M might be able to keep its paramedic staff AND FIX THE MAIN BUILDING which is starting to look like New London High School on the inside. It’s pretty bad guys and gals, pretty bad. I wouldn’t want to be sick in a room that has HOSE hanging from the water stained ceiling to direct the leak into a bucket…would you?

Don’t let them fool you with the low ball number of how many ambulance runs actually get paid due to a lack of insurance. They have no problem suing you for the money. None. In fact, they will put you in the proverbial Poor House without a thought or care. I know. They’ve done it to me. Back hospital bills. They sued. They won. My family lived on $1200.00/month for half a year because of them. Oh yeah, and most of those bills, were for my then adult daughter whom L&M thought we should pay for anyway. Let me tell you it’s a lot of fun trying to make the mortgage on that kind of money. They damn near cost me my house. They wouldn’t have batted an eye if it had come to putting us out on the streets.

So it’s their turn. Since living below the poverty level was OK for me and mine due to ‘clerical errors’ and ‘billing oversights’, I think it’s time they dipped below that line too. No more handouts, no more corporate welfare. Suck it up and pay your down damn way, L&M.

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  1. YOU GO, LISA!🙂

  2. Well stated! We here at Westerly are dealing with the incompetent Westerly Hospital. Oh, yea, we can share stories for sure. We would have loved nothing better for Westerly Hospital to close. My partner and I agreed that neither of us will be EMSed to Westerly, EVEN if our lives depended on it. By the by, it is also written on our health directive!!! We are leaving our email, use it to email us, if you wish. We will provide you with an alternative email for further communications.

    • Hi Maggie,
      I’m sorry to hear of your troubles with Westerly Hospital. I feel your pain and wish there was something I could do to ease it.

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