Charlie’s Big Day

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Well, it’s over. Charlie’s been fixed. Poor boy.

I was a nervous wreck the last few days! The last time he had an appointment with the TEAM Van he took off the day before and was gone for 8 months! I had nightmares about him getting out of the house and taking off never to be seen again!! But, then I had a little comfort from Above in another dream wherein I was reminded about another dream in which he had rabies and was taken away from me. I woke up feeling that his disappearance had been ordained since he came home with that huge scar on his nose. Someone may have been looking out for me and not being a Big Meany after all.😉

We got Charlie into the cat carrier around 7:30 this morning. Not a happy kitty! He’s never been in a carrier and he did not enjoy the experience. I took him to work with me for an hour and sat him by my desk so he could see me until it was time to go. I stood outside in the freezing cold for a half hour along with about 30 other people. I stood so there so long I couldn’t feel my toes when I got back in the car. Then I went back to work and worried about him all day! I mean ALL DAY.

Come time to leave work I went to the mall and picked up “Gone Girl” and “Lucy” then went over to the package store next to PetCo picked up a bottle of SoCo. Then went into PetCo and got him (and Mongo) new flea collars and a new batch of catnip. Then I waited out in the cold for fifteen minutes for them to give me back my cat. I was so excited to see him. I got my baby back.

Oh he was crying! Wailing! Poor thing. I told him to enjoy his favorite ‘toys’ while he still had ’em. Perhaps he thought I was joking. Anyway the TEAM Van gave him his shots, if he gets out again I don’t have to worry about rabies. Woot! Not that he has any interest in going out, mind you. Ever since he came home he’s been perfectly content to stay right inside. The few times we’ve made him go outside he ran back in or clawed at the door crying until I couldn’t take it anymore.

He’s kind of groggy but he stopped crying. It’ll be a while before he starts cooing again. I never had a cat that coos but Charlie loves to do it. It’s like he’s actually trying to TALK and, well, once in a while, something that sounds an awful lot like ‘mama’ comes out of his mouth.🙂 They said he could have a whole tablespoon of dry food but that wasn’t enough, he chowed down and he peed for like 2 minutes. Poor Charlie. He’s wandering around like a drunkard but he’ll be better tomorrow. I think Harry’s laughing at him. Yeah, Harry knows all about the TEAM Van. In a few days I’ll give him another bath and put his new collar on him. When the weather gets nice…if it ever gets nice!…we’ll start encouraging him and Diego/Mongo to go outside. Yeah, Diego/Mongo is no fan of outside either but at least he’s finally come out of the basement. That’s progress. He loves laying in bed with me at night and he actually waits on the basement stairs to hear me go up so he can run up with me and claim his spot on the bed. With the cold weather these Three Cat Nights have been ok by me but they do take up a lot of room and aren’t real keen on moving when you try to get comfortable. LOL Missy doesn’t want anything to do with The Boys so she stays downstairs at night and has the lower floor to herself. She’s such a girl.

If you’re in my neck of the woods and you have a cat that needs to be fixed I highly suggest you call 1-888-FOR-TEAM and make an appointment. $80.00 gets you the surgery, a quick exam, nail trim, and first round of shots including rabies and distemper. Try getting that deal at your local vet. Not happening.

Extra loves and pets for Charlie for the next few days. Now I get to watch him grow fat and happy without running away. No more cattin’ around for him. No more worrying for me. Good deal!

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  1. Feell better soon, Charlie! Your mama did it for your own good.. and because she loves you!🙂

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