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Do you see that circled in red? Do you know what it IS???? Its GRASS! I know its brown and dead but its GRASS baby!


Yeah, I’m still not taking a leisurely stroll through my yard BUT you can see my deck!

I don’t want to say the ‘S’ word yet, not after just one nice day, but it is possible that ‘S’ is actually on its way! I’ve got my doors wide open today letting in the 40+ degree air and chasing away Old Man Winter…or at least his stink. LOL If this keeps up and gets a few degrees warmer I may have to go outside barefoot.🙂 Why not? Even the cats are going outside including Diego/Mongo who’s venturing around the house a bit. Charlie…nah. He’s totally content to stay in the house even with the door wide open. But, just in case, I put flea collars on both of them so people will know they have owners who love them. In other words; Don’t Steal My Cat, You Prick!

We turned the clocks ahead this weekend, that was fun. I hate losing that hour of sleep but I absolutely adore the longer days. I was up until…gee, I don’t know…seven o’clock last night…before I tucked myself into bed and it was still light out. Yep, we’re chasing away the Winter Blues. I just hope we actually get a Spring and don’t just jump into Summer, which is what usually happens around here. We get two or three nice weeks and then…bam…it’s freakin’ HOT. LOL

I put in some work over the weekend on my site and on “Stay With Me”, it’s turning out to be a nice little story. It’s a good distraction from Mason & Hannah and Mason & Julie anyway. I fixed my site so that the Free Stories Page is no longer the main page and I took down the free .pdf files. I figured I’d given the pirates enough time to do their dastardly thing which, of course, is exactly what I’m hoping they do! Go on throw it up on Pirate’s Bay for me. Torrent the hell out of them until they cry for their Mama (oh wait that’s me! LOL) I did it because 1- I’m sick of tracking down pirated copies of my work, 2-I’m even sicker of seeing them, 3-I’m really tired of sending out takedown and DMCA requests. I figure with the stories I gave them to go out and have fun with this could work to my advantage. If they download “Heart” and “Child” they may be interested enough to buy the rest of the series at a whole $0.99/per book. If they’re not…fuck ’em. I have no intentions of making any other stories in the series free in .pdf so they’ll be stuck on the cliffhanger. Forever. Cheapskates. I gave them “OBSESSION” because I really don’t care about that wacky little story. I gave them “On a Hot Summer Night” and “Genesis” with the same hopes; they’ll pirate it and someone or two or three will be interested enough to buy at least the next book in those series. As for “Fifty Shades of War” its free on Smashwords until someone gets pissed and tells me to take it down. If that happens it’ll still be free on my site on .pdf download🙂

Any-hoo, most of those free stories are still free on Smashwords until March 15th but you have to visit my site to get the coupon codes. I gave away a crapwad of books during their Read An Ebook Week and am hoping to giveaway a few more before the end of the week.

Good news is



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Are up and running on Amazon in paperback! You can pre-order ebooks for $0.99 on Kindle and Smashwords until Release Day when the prices goes up $2.99. So those are completely done. Phew. That’s a load off my plate. Now I can just concentrate on “Stay With Me” and see how/where it goes. I’m having fun with this story but that’s mainly because The Big Guy is back in my life and that always makes me a very happy camper. After this we may get to “Raven: Demon Hunter” and see how that goes. Then we’ll get back to Mason & Hannah and Mason & Julie and finish up those two small series. Geez, 2015 is going to be a big writing year for me.

Before I go I just wanted to say one thing; I went to FYE and bought “Gone Girl” and “Lucy” on Friday and what was the FIRST thing I saw as I approached the store?



I laughed my ass off! You know what that means, don’t you? Yep, it’s a half a BILLION dollar money-maker going STRAIGHT to DVD before it loses whatever’s left of its crappy momentum. Coming soon to a TV near you in JUNE! Just for a comparison, “American Sniper” will be coming to a TV near you in May…it released in December and is swiftly catching up to “Fifty Shades of Shit” on the money scale.

I got my movies, I got in line, and the very nice very young boy behind the counter said: “Would you like to pre-order “Fifty Shades of Grey”, ma’am?”

I literally choked and had to take a breath before saying: “Ah, no, thanks, that’s ok. I like good movies.”

He laughed and nodded his head as he told me that Rosamund Pike is “awesome in ‘Gone Girl’, you’ll really like her in this”. I did. She was very good as always, she’s very talented. It’s just the rest of the movie that kind of blew chunks. Ben Affleck didn’t help, him and his Oh-Dopey-Me acting.

However, since I’m being repeatedly told that “American Sniper” is NOT a ‘war movie’, I think I’ll get it when it comes out. It looks really good and I like Bradley Cooper and I’ve gotten better about War Movies, I can sit through them without wanting to scratch someone’s eyes out by the end…well, for the most part anyway. But until then I’m hangin’ on by me thumbs for “The Age of Ultron” and hoping for a totally awesome Opening Weekend for them. I’m even considering buying tickets for friends just so I can help the cause. I’d just about kill to see it trounce EL James’ POS. OK, I could so serious maiming if the need should arise but I think I’ll just stick with my offer of FREE TICKETS.

But that’s mostly because this keeps popping up in my FB feed



Everyone sing it with me now…

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