Lawrence & Memorial Hospital-Giving People the Shaft for Over 100 Years

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You know, if I could have just one wish, I wouldn’t wish for diamonds, or silver, or gold, nope, I’d wish Lawrence & Memorial Hospital would disappear.

Just…poof. Vanish off the face of the Earth. Not necessarily with anyone *in* it when it goes…well, ok, I wouldn’t mind if a few ‘higher ups’ were in it at the time. No, I wouldn’t mind that all.

As most of you know my husband was in a motorcycle accident last August. It wasn’t his fault and the other insurance company has already taken full responsibility. All that’s left to do is for hubby to keep going to PT (yes, he’s still going to Physical Therapy after all this time) and for us to wait until the settlement comes in. Our lawyer says that will be some time in July.

With the exception of the Physical Therapy place every other doctor/office involved has understood this fact and are patiently waiting to get paid this summer.

Not L&M. I just got the Collection Notice today. I looked at that and said; You fuckers.

They know this is the result of a vehicular accident…they must, right? The ambulance brought him in along with the cops who told the ER staff he’d been in a motorcycle accident. So it’s not like this fact was ever hidden from L&M. Not to mention the letter the lawyer sent them. I guess they didn’t get it. (Cough. Choke)

Yet, being the bratty little children they are, they are constantly harassing us for the cash. I know, they’re poor, totally strapped…out of their own stupidity but that’s neither here nor there, I guess.

So tomorrow, I’ll sit right down and write myself a letter which will go to the Collection Agency and to L&M. I’ll explain the situation….again…and this time I may remind them that if it hadn’t been for the ineptitude of some of their staff members my husband’s broken collar-bone might have been discovered during the plethora of x-rays and scans he had. Yep, if some moron hadn’t stamped his patient information right over the break he might not have spent 3 months in agony while being told there was nothing wrong with his shoulder. He might not be a bit lopsided now and he will be for the rest of his life. He might have been able to have it set properly so that it doesn’t ache and cause him a great deal of pain the rest of his life. Not to mention the fact that my sex life might not be so impaired if a doctor had been able to see the break in the collar-bone on the x-ray and, in turn, been able to fix it properly.

Good job, L&M. Really, just aces. I guess your Vision Coverage for your employees really stinks, huh? You should look into that. It’s helpful for the x-ray staff to be able to actually see what they’re looking at.

I’m thinking there’s a lawsuit in there somewhere so I’ll ask our lawyer about that. I’m thinking it’s negligence at best and malpractice at worst. If the lawyer says ‘yes’ then it’ll be Damn the Torpedoes and Full Speed Ahead. I’m thinking the money we’ll get out of that will be considerably more than the $750.00 L&M just can’t wait for until the case settles in about 4 months. When we win the suit perhaps we’ll be kind and tell them they can just deduct the bill from the award money. No, no, we won’t settle with them, not a chance. We’ll go all the way to a verdict with that one just so we can leave a big old black mark on their…well their reputation sucks already but, you get my point.

In the meantime, if they keep this up, I’m going to have oodles of fun getting $750.00 in pennies from the bank. I’ll have more fun unrolling them and then taking them up to the billing department on a handcart where I’ll photograph myself leaving the money there and walking out. Hey, at least this way they’ll actually earn the money. It’ll give them something to do besides harass the crap out of good people who were seriously injured through no fault of their own. And we’ll get to see if they can count past 20….oh yeah, I suppose that’s 21 for the males working in the billing department. Yes, I can be just as petty as them. Watch me. But hey, at least I’m not stupid. That’s something I can’t say for L+M. (It still equals ‘N’, btw)

Hey! Maybe I’ll end up owning that parking lot. I’ll charge them all $5.00/day to park…no valet service, sorry. It’ll create jobs, someone’s got to sit there and take tickets/cash. OR I could rip it up and get my yard back along with the serenity it once provided. I think my neighbors would like that. I know I would. So I’ll consider it a Public Service to the Hospital Neighborhood…my treat.

That’s something L&M Hospital Corporation has certainly never considered; Public Service.

Hell, they probably can’t even spell it.

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