I Wrote A Letter

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Yes, I did. I wrote a very nice one paragraph letter addressed to that collection agency today with full copies sent to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital and our lawyer. I wanted to write something nasty, of course I did, but I was legal secretary for nearly a decade so….

I simply informed the collection agency of the origins of the claim, that said claim would be settled within a reasonable time frame, and out of said settlement all outstanding medical bills would be paid. Kindly direct all future correspondence and phone calls to the lawyer here’s his address and phone and number. Thanks so much. Buh-bye.

We’ll see what happens. If nothing else there’s a response on file with all concerned parties.

We’ve paid a shit ton of money out-of-pocket over this between 2x a week PT and prescriptions and…oh yeah…an ambulance bill for a rather outrageous amount of money that also oddly just couldn’t wait. Yes, co-pays for doctors visits to the GP (what an idiot he is, seriously…grrrr) and the Ortho who sees hubby once every 3 months or so to judge his progress and/or lack thereof. It’s my understanding that we’ll get the money for these co-pays and the rest back in the settlement and that Blue Cross will be reimbursed by GEICO.

Let’s hope that’s how it goes because to tell you the truth, I have refrained from doing my taxes this year for so long simply because I’m terrified of getting lost in the quagmire with all of this. Just thinking about it makes my head throb. Yes, I know I should have done it already because we’re part of Blue Cross and they got hacked and its altogether possible that someone somewhere has already submitted a CT State Income Tax on my behalf and received whatever refund we may have been entitled to. OY! I’m seriously considering using H&R Block this year, I’ve always done our taxes but this is just out of my league. Some of the payments were done with the HSA card and others straight out-of-pocket with the debit card. My stomach’s turning just typing this. What a nightmare.

Any tax preparers out there? I could really use your assistance!

If I hear anything from them before this nightmare is over I’ll be sure to give you a Progress Report.

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