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So, I read about a California lawyer who wants to make it legal to kill gay people. You can Google it yourself, that’s just that article I picked for demonstration purposes. Somewhere in the back of my mind the words; Thou Shalt Not Kill echoed, I have no idea where they came from.😉

I read about a New Hampshire Congressman who can’t tell the difference between a State Bird and abortion. Wow! Just…wow!

I read about Religious Freedom Laws 2015 Style (these are not your forefathers Religious Freedom Laws)
I don’t mind seeing these laws enacted so long as we 1) have clearly printed signs on every business openly stating who they will not serve 2) those who back these laws don’t start crying and whining when said laws are used against them. Fair’s fair after all.

Then I read a bit of truth about my least favorite book/movie straight from a cast member and had a little ray of hope shine down on me It didn’t even bother me when posters started trying to twist his clearly printed words with back story into saying that wasn’t what he said at all. I figure they can’t really read anyway, at least not for comprehension, so it was just par for that particular course.

That ray quickly disappeared as the day wore on and things became very hectic. By the end of the day I found myself wondering if that California lawyer wasn’t on to something. Not about gay people. No. I honestly believe he may be on the right track but have the wrong target. How about targeting Stupid People? No, no, no, not those among us with some sort of mental disability, I mean honest to goodness Stupid People. Those with whom there is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever yet time and again they make you think; How have you survived this long?

If you call a place of business on a Monday that is not a holiday during business hours and someone answers the phone do you:
1) Automatically assume they’re open for business
2) Ask if they’re open for business
3) Hang up

If you said 1…I love you. So far you get to live. Lucky you.

If you call a place of business to ask a question and discover you have the wrong department because the nice lady on the other side of the phone politely informs you of such, do you:
1) Say thank you
2) Say ‘you’re an idiot, lady!’
3) Hang up

Did you guess 1 again? My goodness you’re batting a 1000 today!

If you call a place of business and ask their hours, upon being told said hours do you:
1) Say thank you
2) Ask if the person will stay an extra hour or hour and a half for you
3) Hang up

If you have parked your car and are getting out and you see a car ahead of you getting ready to leave do you:
1) Get on the sidewalk
2) Walk right behind the car that’s backing up so the driver has to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting you and then give the driver the finger
3) Wait a few seconds out of the driver’s blind spot so they can see you as they back up and then pull out

If you said 2…that’s one strike. 1 or 3 are both acceptable answers.

If you are at a red light and you are in the wrong lane do you:
1) Stay in the wrong lane and figure another way to your destination, it can’t be that far out-of-the-way, right
2) Back up in heavy traffic, forcing those behind you to also back up or be hit by you, and then nose yourself to the bumper of the car in the correct lane
3) Stay in the wrong lane and jet ahead of everyone else when the light turns green cutting off the driver who knows where they’re going

Yes, 1 is the correct answer again…it really is, it may be inconvenient for you but chances are there’s a quick way back to your route just around the corner.

So, I’m proposing the Stupid People Eradication Act. What do you think? It’ll be just like that California lawyer; anytime you see or hear someone do/say something unbelievably stupid…you shoot them. Right there on the spot. I’ll even break down and buy a gun so I can participate. Well, I’ll be an Ass Shooter, you know. Small caliber bullet into the fattest part of the buttocks. Maybe the foot or knee cap. You shoot to kill if you like although I really do prefer the good wound in such cases. But, you know, if the offender already has visible bullet hole scars I guess there’s no other choice being a repeat offender and all; head shots only, please.

This would, of course, apply to all members of Congress where shooting will begin on a first-come-first-save basis. It would also apply to your State Congresspeople. I’m not really ready to include the President of the United States (no matter who it is at any given time) but I am open to negotiation on the matter. Yes, of course, it would most definitely apply to Yahoo! posters. Well, people to who post anywhere really but let’s start with Yahoo! Perhaps we’ll get enough of our point across there to not need to move on to anywhere else.🙂

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