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I admit it, I haven’t done much writing lately BUT that’s turning out to be a very good thing because I think, in many ways, “Stay With Me” will turn out to be my very first Ghost Story. Let me explain, there’s this show called “Supernatural” that my daughters have tried to get me into since its very first episode. They begged. They pleaded. They swore up and down how much I would LOVE this show! But all I could see were a couple of kids running around chasing ghosts and I thought; I’ve already seen every episode of Scooby-Doo and loved them, you know the old ones, the goods, no crappy Scrappy.

I put off having anything to do with it until recently. It runs instead of “Bones” or “Castle” in afternoons one day a week in a little marathon type of a thing and several times I found myself stopping on it to watch and being completely, utterly, hopelessly lost! Last week Miss Nicole took pity on me and bought me the first 3 seasons of the show on DVD. I’ve been binging. Yes I have.

Yes, I realize it all changes after Season 1 and some would say it gets less ‘hokey’ but I have enjoyed the hell out of seeing nearly every ghost story that I adored as a child come to life on the small screen. When did “The Hook” I was actually giddy.πŸ™‚ It is one of my all-time favorite ghost stories and most people pass it by as being ‘too simple’ or something but that’s the absolute beauty of that story; no frills.

Spoilers maybe if you haven’t seen this show….

At the end of Season 1, I was jolted when the truck hit the car and drove it off the road but found myself simultaneously thinking; I hope they’re alright AND Oh shit! The CAR! NO! NOT THE CAR!


It was sad when dad died but I saw it coming so I was unable to be really sad over it and my thoughts again returned to; Awww, too bad, sorry dad. Now when you are going to FIX the car!

It’s back on the road and I’m a happy camper. LOL Hey, what can I say? I love Classic Cars and to see one crushed is heartbreaking for me even if it is TV.

Now I would like to publicly acknowledge that my children were right, this is a great show and I love it. I can’t wait to watch all of them and catch up on NetFlix or Hulu or something. Even if I have to buy the rest of them on DVD that’ll be good with me. And that Dean….he’s really cute. I like him. He reminds of Elvis. I don’t know if it’s the accent or the upper lip or the brow line but something about just screams ELVIS! Yes, in my younger days and even today, I love Elvis Presley. I do. It’s true. I’m not ashamed.

So we’re going to get some ghostly type things in “Stay With Me” now that I have been reminded of just how much I loved a good, simple, straight-out Ghost Story. We’ll be exploring The Comb…Witches’ Valley (Harvest Home, anyone? Yes/no?) in more detail along with Kate’s coven. She got a magickal name, those of you who read the OF WAR Series will recognize it.πŸ™‚ Her coven sisters also received magickal names and I’m really hoping my old coven sisters don’t mind, I just can’t help seeing them (and myself) sitting around the kitchen table doing our thing as I write. If nothing else, it should be an interesting little story that I’m trying to keep from being somewhat repellant at the very end. I think I found the path to it. We’ll see. Like “Dream Weaver” it’s going to be somewhat auto-biographical. You know me, my life is an open book, I see no reason to change that now.

On to other things….

Today is my wonderful husband’s 50th birthday! Woot! You know what that means. Yep, I snagged my first chance to have sex with a 50 year-old this morning! Hey, man, it is Hump Day! LOL

We’re celebrating in the traditional Gorman Family manner; tacos and cake. The girls will be here soon to celebrate with us. Miss Nicole bought him a new game when she bought me “Supernatural” they’re serving as birthday/anniversary presents. I bought him “Battle of the Five Armies” which we watched last night. Of course today I find out the Extended Edition came out yesterday too but, damnit, I couldn’t find it! We have QUESTIONS that need answers! I’ll have to look for it over the weekend when we go clothes shopping. Hubby has lost so much weight since the accident his pants just fall off him! He came downstairs dressed for work the other day and his belt was squeezed so tight to keep his pants up that he looked like a cartoon character. I was kind enough to tell him he couldn’t go out like that. Bad idea. Sorry. Love you.

Come Sunday we’ll be celebrating again….29 years married! What do you think about that? And they said it would never last! LOL Yes, on our wedding day both sets of parents gave us ‘six months’. ha ha ha. (Come July we’ll be together 31 years.) We’re going to new-to-us Italian restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. I’ll let you know how it goes. Everyone says its wonderful and I’m looking forward to a big plate of Chicken Parmesan maybe with a nice Chianti but no fava beans.πŸ˜‰

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