29 and Counting

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Sunday was our 29th Wedding Anniversary! Woot!

We celebrated on Saturday by going to the Mohegan Sun Casino where I ‘won’ big. No, I didn’t gamble or take in a show. We went to Krispy Kreme! I’ve told you before the only way to ‘win’ at the place is to park in the Summer Garage, take the elevator down to the first floor, walk straight about 100 yards, turn right into Krispy Kreme, get your donuts, turn left, walk straight about 100 yards, get back on the elevator and leave.🙂 We must have told 3 people that Krispy Kreme was literally the ONLY reason we ever go to the Sun (we never ever go to Foxwoods at all…no donuts) each of them thought we were joking at first, then when they realized we were serious, they got this incredible look of disbelief on their faces. hahaha I was soooo happy when I saw the ‘Hot Light’ was on…ooo…yummy. But I was good, even though the bag containing our 2 dozen donuts was warm and I knew it was filled with melt-in-your-mouth goodness and I really really really wanted to eat one…I did not. Hubby said it would spoil my dinner. LOL However, I admit that today there’s about 4 donuts left but not for long they’ll be gone after dinner tonight.😛

After collecting our donuts we went to Bella Fiore to celebrate. What a lovely little place. We’d never been there before although I imagine we’ve passed by it a thousand times or more over the course of our lives. If you like Italian, real Italian, I highly suggest you try it the next time you’re in the Norwich area. The atmosphere is wonderful with its candles, comfortable cozy booth, and a waterfall in the dining area. Not to mention the hand painted mosaics on the walls. We started with fried mozzarella and shrimp cocktail both of which were totally delicious. The shrimp was very tender whereas sometimes it can be tough if it’s sat around to long or are those big ‘Jumbo’ shrimp, which I don’t like. Give me a plate of peel-n-eats, a saucer of cocktail sauce, and step back, baby, I’m gonna get my grub on. The fried mozzarella was wonderful, nice big block of mozz sliced into quarters and then fried with a big of red sauce over the top.

We had a few glasses of Merlot, which I never drink but it went very well with our Italian meal. The creamy garlic dressing on the very fresh salad was to die for. YUM. I got the chicken parm which was also delicious, the sauce was so fresh I could have sworn someone picked the tomatoes right from their garden that very day. The chicken was tender and nicely crispy. Hubby got risotto with steak. I’d never had risotto before but you can bet I’ll be ordering it at some future point. It was out of this world. All of it was served to us by a very nice Italian gentleman. If we hadn’t had 2 glasses of wine each we could have gotten out of there for a few bucks over what we’d pay at Olive Garden but the wine was a little steep; $28.00 for four glasses. I can buy 4 big bottles of Barefoot for that. But that’s ok, it didn’t ruin our evening out. Even the lovely snow squalls we had didn’t ruin our fun. Yes, more snow, both days over the weekend but it’s melted already so that’s nice. Everything was just so fresh I could really taste the difference. So once again that’s Bella Fiore on Route 32 in Norwich. Skip Olive Garden and go for the real deal. I’m sure we’ll be returning often over the next 29 years.

Then we came home and kicked off our shoes, settled in with a big pot of coffee and 2 dozen donuts; 1 dozen glazed and 1 dozen assorted. It’s really nice to be that comfortable in your relationship where the two of you can just be who you are without trying to impress each other. Neither of us is getting any younger and I’m enjoying growing older with my hubby. I’ve stopped caring about my weight, although that may change if I ever find I’m buying size 14 or something but, for now, this ‘new body’ is suiting me just fine now that I’ve gotten comfortable in it. I spent 3/4 of my life as a stick so it’s nice to be branch for a change.🙂 Hubby kept trying to come up with these flowery ways to tell me he loves me and how much I mean to him finally I looked at him and said; You said it…you love me. That’s it. I don’t need anything fancy. Just say it. I love you. I don’t need the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, I have everything I could ever possibly need right under my own little roof. Not many people know how to say that or to be content so, yes, I realize that I am damn lucky.

Cheers to another 29 years!

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