Spring Cleaning

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Yep, once again I used my paid day off to work on my promo stuff! I’ve been at it since Friday. I finally got into Coffee Time Romance! Woot! I’ve only been trying to do that since “The Heart of War”. But they let me open a storefront, check it out here where I’m now selling “Christmas Eve on Olympus” (managed to sneak a little Ares in there!), “On a Hot Summer Night”, “Cold November Rain” AND “Genesis” and “Sins of the Father” even though they’re not romance. The site is open to more genres than that. Hopefully this will open a door to a new audience for me. In the near future I’ll be one of the Featured Indie Authors, so that’s pretty cool. Learning their system took some doing but after a bit of trial and error I got the hang of it. All of those books are $0.99/each. Yeah, I know they’re $0.99 everywhere…blame Jeff Bezos for the fact that you can’t get a ‘deal’ anywhere but his site.

I managed to finish up all of the promo posts I was committed to. Phew. Those are done. I got couple of interesting guest posts, well I think they’re interesting but Your Mileage May Vary. I even started to feeling out other places for “Sister Christian” looking into more ‘serious’ sites, so to speak. Hopefully I’ll get picked up by a few of them. I didn’t much promo for “The Doc” I really been putting most of my efforts into “Sister Christian” because I’m totally proud of it and I always have been. It’s gotten some great advance reviews with one or two more coming. How’s this one? I like it so much I used it for a promo post!


If YOU…yes, YOU…have read any of these books but especially “Genesis” and/or “Sins of the Father” and YOU have NOT reviewed them on Amazon or Goodreads please do so for me. Yes, that includes Beta Readers, you read it so your opinion counts. Please leave a review, I’d truly love for these books to be able to find their audience.

I did a lot of work on my site and I think I finally got what I want out of it AND it’s ‘mobile friendly’. OY! I got a note from Google about my site not being ‘mobile friendly’ because you have to turn your phone to view the page properly. (Lazy bastards!) That is no longer a problem it looks very nice on my phone. It all fits on the screen but I have no idea why the table doesn’t display correctly. At this point I don’t care! I got my Goodreads reviews up there and a proper Twitter badge. I managed to make it all look nice, friendly, and business-like at the same time. I’ve been wanting to do this layout forever on the first page and just haven’t gotten around to it, when I did, it came out all f’d up. Now it’s good. Check it out if you’d be so kind and let me know what you think click here

I also managed to throw my hat in the ring for the BTS eMag Red Carpet Awards. I almost never do these things and I’m sure I won’t win…although I am hoping to make it to the final round. I put “Kingdoms of War” in for Best Cover and “Genesis” in for Best Book. “Genesis” is not in line with what they tend to do in their magazine but it was acceptable to them and I’m hoping to give the book a little exposure when nominees are announced later this year. Wish me luck!

I put “Stay With Me” on hold in order to focus on “Mysterious Ways” and make sure the momentum with Mason and Hannah keeps rolling. We found where to cut the story now its just a matter of weeding out some unnecessary stuff. As we go through it we’ll try to make our time Through the Looking Glass a bit shorter and more cohesive. However, I think the last 3 books in the series may be longer than the first two. Yes, we’re planning on 5 books to the “Sister Christian” series.

Lastly, I put in a post for the Spring Blogfest through Long and Short Reviews (they never pick me up for review! grrrr!), I’m not sure when I’m supposed to pick a winner for $10.00 Amazon Gift Card so if you want in on this run here and read the post, leave a comment, and maybe you’ll win.🙂

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  1. Someone’s been busy! You go girl.

  2. Love the site, Lisa! You’ve been VERY busy!😉

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