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You know all of those years that I spent as an agoraphobic terrified to leave my house? Sometimes, most times actually, afraid to leave my bedroom. How I struggled to get over that and to be able to walk out my front door without feeling like I was about to die. All those years I tried to calm myself while doing something as simple as grocery shopping telling myself ‘everything’s fine, just fine’.

Turns out I was wrong.

Yep, that old agoraphobia was really just my honest-to-goodness Self-Preservation Instinct kicking in and warning me that they’re all freakin’ KA-RAY-ZEE out there. Best to stay inside, stay in bed, lock your door, shut them out cuz they are totally nukin’ futz.

I got friends that are now getting “Obesity Notices” from their kids schools. Yeah, that’s not a big kick to the old self-esteem. Not at all, especially not when you’re a pre-teen or teenager, nah, they can handle it. That’s not ‘fat shaming’. No. It’s for your kids’ own good and yours too because obviously you’re a horrible parent to let your kid get fat. Makes me wonder what the people making out those forms look like and whether or not they’d be, you know, Victoria’s Secret or GQ material. I think that the biggest job qualification for that do-nothing position is how good you look in a swim suit. My biggest peeve about this is; they’ve cut funding for gym classes. So you’re ‘fat’ and we’re going to tell you in no uncertain terms that your kid is ‘fat’ but….sorry Charlie you’re on your own with the rest of it, we just wanted you to know that…your kid is ‘fat’. WOW. And, oh, yeah, you’re paying us to tell you that your kid is ‘fat’. WTF???? I suppose it doesn’t matter if the kid is on the Honor Roll anymore, nah, what’s brains got to do with school anyway? In this day and age I suppose the better question is; What’s brains got to do with LIFE? Sadly, I think the answer there is; not much, not anymore.

BTW, Fat Police, this is not an assistance, in fact it’s a major detriment but as long as it makes you feel better about yourself I guess its ok.😛

Then this morning GMA brought me this White SC Officer Charged with Murder in Black Man’s Death. Double…WOW! Holy freakin’ crap! Have you seen this video? Hubby just sat there stunned. What’s more dumbfounding are the people defending this cop. Really? You have visual evidence of an unarmed man running away in fear, posing NO threat at all, and is then shot in the BACK 8 times! Over what? A busted tail light and back child support? Yeah, those are Capital Crimes alright. Let’s not forget the little part at the end where the cop drops something next to the cooling body. WTF??? The best most of the defenders can manage is ‘don’t run away from the police’. I don’t know about you, but in this day and age, if faced with a cop, I’m running so fuckin’ fast I’ll beat Jesse Owens. I wouldn’t even consider calling a cop any longer unless I absolutely sure someone deserved to die. Other than that, I’ll just let it go, or take care of it on my own if possible. Other people, let’s call then Conspiracy Nuts, are crying foul over the tape and are honestly trying to insinuate that this man AGREED to be gunned down in broad daylight just so the guy with the cellphone could get it on tape. I don’t even know what to say to that but you just let that idea gel in your head a while, let it ferment, see what you come with.

My little town is not immune to this, just last year a guy died in custody after being tasered twice in 24 hours. Yep, had a heart attack and died, he wasn’t the first one in the State of Connecticut. Oh yeah, he was a doctor. Yeah, a real one, with a license and everything. And yeah, I do believe his family is going to sue the City. My town’s broke as shit so have fun with that maybe they’ll get some non-taxable property, we got a boatload of that around here but that’s about it.

I used to get mad after 9/11 when they started putting up ‘security’ cameras everywhere. I whined about tiny things like Invasion of Privacy at having my picture taken dozens of times a day without my knowledge or consent but I have changed my mind on that one. It seems these cameras and everybody’s cell phone have had an unintended outcome that was completely unforeseen by The Powers That Be. I’m kind of glad for it. Then again I was born in 1966 and anytime someone sticks it to The Man it makes me happy. It does. The Man, be it a cop, politician, administrator, or what-have-you has always been one of the biggest offenders against the Little Guy. Now we all get to see it live and in Dolby Surround Sound, ain’t we lucky?

I got people who don’t want to make cakes and pizzas for other people because it conflicts with their ‘strongly held religious beliefs’ then they turn around and whine and cry about how they’re being ‘discriminated’ against. Gimme a freakin’ break. If you own a business that is open to the public but you can’t handle the public in all its diverse glory then perhaps you should open a private club or go to work for someone else. I’m done with the Kneel on Sunday, Fuck ‘Em Over on Monday bullshit. Jesus Christ didn’t say a single thing about homosexuality and neither did their God. Some crotchety guy made up that rule but if you point that out to those with ‘strongly held religious beliefs’ they’re happy to show you how wrong you are while simultaneously showing you how ignorant they are. It’s warped. It surely is. Never mind trying to tell them how many times their Bible has been rewritten, edited, or that it was translated several times in and from several different languages before it ever got to English. Trying to tell them that the Bible is really a long running game of Post Office goes right the hell over their heads.

Here’s what I want; you don’t want to bake a cake or make a pizza for X Group because of your ‘strongly held religious beliefs’….ok. Put a sign on the door stating who you will not serve. That’s all I ask. Put it out there. If you really have the Courage of your Convictions that shouldn’t bother you in the slightest. Yes, that does mean you might lose some business but, hey, look on the bright side, you could raise a million dollars in a GoFundMe account! So roll the dice, baby, let’s see how it turns out for you. Don’t start crying and shouting ‘discrimination!’ when the sign on the door has a circled cross with a ‘X’ through it. Christianity is not the only religion in this country and there are thousands…maybe even millions…of people out there every single day baking cakes and making pizzas for people they’d really rather not associate with because, let’s face it, Christians have one long bloody history. (That most of them like to ignore.) People bake those cakes and they make those pizzas anyway because they know how to get along in society and they understand that their own ‘strongly held religious beliefs’ are just that…beliefs. They shouldn’t be shoved down other people’s throats or made into other people’s problems.

Here’s an example (I guess), the other day a ‘Christian’ blogger got in touch with me over the “Sister Christian” series. They wanted to read and review it for their ‘Christian’ blog even though I have expressly stated this is NOT a ‘Christian’ series. I almost said yes. Almost. Then I thought about it and figured that becoming known as the Pagan who writes ‘Christian Fiction’ probably wasn’t a good career move for me. So I said no. Any other blogger I would have said yes to. Is that ‘discrimination’ or just avoiding a bad fit? I do feel a little badly that I said no but, on the whole, I feel pretty good about it.

Then we got politicians who don’t want people on food stamps to be able to buy steak and seafood. Missouri Republicans Are Trying Ban Food Stamp Recipients from Steak and Seafood Honestly, I don’t know what the seafood looks like in that state but living here next to the Atlantic I can tell you I ain’t eating it to begin with. If they really want to help the poor budget their meager existence better they should get together with the Fat Police and take junk food off the food stamp list, not meat. I’m not in favor of telling people what to eat to begin with but like I said if they really want to *help* then perhaps that’s what they should do. Otherwise they’re just assholes. What else is new? The Great State of Kansas is also getting into the act Kansas to Break New Ground in Demeaning the Poor. Anybody remember when it was, like, just Texas, Jersey, and Florida we all had to watch out for? Things were so much simpler then.

Now, like I said, you just really can’t go anywhere. I feel Ye Olde Agoraphobia calling my name. I never wanted to be a Doomsday Prepper–and I probably never will be–but holding up in my bedroom behind a locked door doesn’t seem so bad anymore. They are all freakin’ crazy out there.

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