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I knew this was going to be frustrating and have me tearing my hair out from the moment I sat down which is exactly why I’ve put off doing my taxes until April 10th. Yep, I’m usually one of early birds, I fill it all out and get it down by early to mid March.

It was hard enough getting through the part where I input my royalty payments (less than $500.00 this year! This is getting to be sooo not worth it!) but this year I had to input all of the info for each 1099-MiSC instead of just reporting a total amount. What a friggin’ pain. Oh well, after advertising expenses, I ended up -$20.00. I guess that’s ‘good’ news.

This health insurance/HSA/medical expenses thing is really pissing me off. It makes almost no sense at all. If it was only written in something truly recognizable as English that might be of assistance. If the questions they’re asking me matched with, oh say, 100% of the ‘boxes’ instead of 75% or so, that might also be of assistance. But we can’t have everything. As far as I can see the $10,000 we paid just for health insurance doesn’t cut us any slack at all, in fact, that friggin’ HSA thing seems to be making my taxes go up. So much for ‘medical expenses’ actually being a deduction.

So, since I don’t have $1,200 to pay that greedy bastard Uncle Sam…yeah that’s on top of the $7,000 we’ve already paid this year!….I give up. For the first time in my taxpaying life, come April 15th I’m going to file for an extension and then I’m going to take this lump of shit to somebody who may have a better idea of what they’re doing than I have.

I quit!

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