Fast n Furious 7

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I suppose I should start with the fact that I’ve been a fan of this franchise since movie #1. I have! I’m not ashamed of that fact. Hey, at least it has truly hot guys, outstandingly beautiful women, some totally awesome cars! And hot action. In other words, it always lives up to its hype unlike other recent ‘box office smashes’. Let’s not forget that by the end of this weekend its projected to have outsold other recent ‘box office smashes’ by quite a freakin’ bit. Yes, that warms my heart and reaffirms a bit of lost faith in humanity for me. Yes, oh yes it does.

If you know ME at all then you know I absolutely ADORE fast/classic cars and hot guys🙂

We went yesterday and I ordered tickets online. In fact, I was the FIRST one to buy a ticket and had my choice of seats. I got really good ones! Second row dead center. Oh joy! In those ‘luxury seats’ its hard not to have a good time no matter what’s playing. LOL. I honestly love those and can’t wait to sit my butt in them again for “Avengers 2; The Age of Ultron”…woooot! Tony Stark, yum-eee!

Let’s stick with “Furious 7” for now, shall we?

So, first we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts and got 2 medium coffees. Then we stopped at The Cake Lady and got 8 cupcakes; 4 pistachio (they’re the BEST so freakin’ GOOD), 1 strawberry, 1 white wedding, 1 oreo, and 1 red velvet. Then we were off to the movies!

I got in line behind several people who ordered their tickets online but the woman directly in front of me had not and she was very upset at not getting the ‘matinee price’ for the 4 o’clock showing. I laughed. Even I knew matinees end at 2. LOL I got the physical tickets, we parked in back, drank out coffee, had a few hand shakes with Old Toby and a cig before going inside to get a large popcorn and large Sprite. I don’t bitch about concession stand prices since I learned that’s where the theater makes at least 40% of its money. I understand keeping ticket price low draws in customers so you have to make up for that in some other fashion.

We settled in our luxury seating…yeah, baby! I gotta get four of these for my living room…LOL.

I noticed the place was FULL…not bad for the second weekend, hey? A lot better than some other recent blockstuers have managed anyway. (Yeah, no, I’ll never stop slamming you if you’re one of the people who actually enjoyed, on any level whatsoever, that other blockbuster. You need remediation.)

Then the movie started.

It’s Da Bomb Diggety Yo…what else can I say? If you’re a fan of this franchise you have just GOT TO SEE IT! If you’re NOT then please don’t start with this one, start with “The Fast and The Furious” (movie #1).

When last we left our non-traditional family Lettie had just returned to the fold and the bad guy had been dispatched. We lost poor Gisselle, who I liked but am on the fence about playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie. We’ll see how that goes when it releases. It’s not that I don’t like her, I think she’s very attractive, but I think Hollywood (along with the rest of the world) has lost sight of a what real woman looks like AND what Wonder Woman should look like; she wasn’t a twig. Enough said on that topic.

“Furious 7” has all of the fast cars and blazing action you expect from one of these movies and it does not disappoint on any other point other than the absence of Paul Walker. It is felt to the soul if you love these movies. When Roman repeatedly says ‘no more funerals’ it really hits home. I welled up just at that although I know it was prophetic and not thrown in for ‘hype’. When they drive a Lykan Hypersport from building to building you not only feel bad for the 3.4 million car but for the occupants. Oh..what a freakin’ waste of a totally spectacular vehicle! I think I creamed my jeans just looking at it.🙂 As Wayne and Garth say….SCH-WING! Check it out here

You know I love FAST and Classic cars, I really do. As always, like the one above, it has some bonzer vehicles.

I know, I know, everyone wants to know how Paul Walker’s storyline was wrapped up. I don’t want to do any spoilers so let’s just say that I cried when Brian got the happy ending Paul Walker deserved in life. I bawled like a baby although I did my best to be quiet about it as I noticed the packed movie house was having the same reaction and trying to be brave about it just like me.

It’s sad but true, I never realized just how much I liked that kid until he died. I was shocked to read of his death and horrified at how it happened. Yes, even I thought of how ironic/prophetic it was until I learned someone else was at the wheel then I just thought it was completely sad and a total waste of talent.

Anyway, on to the rest of the flick. I came to understand just how OLD I AM looking at Michelle Rodriguez whom I adore. I remember as being the spunky/kick ass girl from “The Fast and The Furious” now she’s a full-blown woman. Where did the time go? The same goes for Vin Diesel whom I’ve tried very hard to detest but ended up liking in spite of myself. I really do like him, we own a lot of his movies other than the “FF” ones.


I was sad when Han died but happy to know in my heart he was reunited with Gisselle.

Jason Statham makes as good of a Bad Guy as he does a Good Guy and I was really really happy with that! I can’t help it, I think he’s awesome. I love to watch him fight. Ok “Transporter 2” sucked salty monkey balls but “Transporter 3” was ok. LOL

Rocky…what can I say? I think that, second only to Tom Cruises’ old one, he has the Best Smile in Hollywood. I have a big soft spot for The Rock and I’m not giving it up. I think he’s come a very long way as an actor and gets better with each film that he does. We saw him on…what is it…Lip Synch Battle?…and he was a riot! YouTube it if you haven’t seen it! The Rock Does “Stayin’ Alive”…best TV I’ve seen in a long time.🙂

For those of you wondering how they ended things with Paul Walker’s character, I was surprised by it. I kept waiting for them to kill him of in some glorious fashion but they didn’t. They truly did give him the ending he deserved in the Real World. I was very happy with it. When they race for the last time, I cried, when they split ways on the road I started to bawl. It was perfect. A fan of this franchise could not possibly as for anything better.

Aunty Moon gives “Furious 7” an A+

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  1. i knew you would like it !!!! that ending was just …. and vin talking there, he wasn’t talking to brian but to paul. the theater where we saw it was dead silent, almost expected a standing ovation!!

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