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This entry is really just for meπŸ˜›

Still here?

Ok…it’s your choice.

Have you seen this yet? Fast n Furious 7 Tops 800 Million World Wide in Just Two Weeks

If you can’t tell where this is going given the fact that NBC/Comcast (the world’s WORST cable company) released this movie and “Fifty Shades of” utter shit….stick around. If you can and you’re cringing…leave. Trust me, I won’t miss you. If you’re totally confused or singing

You’re invited to stay.

Yes, yes, yes, I am definitely doing the Happy Dance while praying with all my strength and might that NBC/Comcast is getting the freakin’ message the public is sending. Kindly consider the “FnF7” has a returning viewer rate of 59% compared to the other movie’s…..30% I can testify to that, we went on Saturday, weekend 2 and the place was packed.

My question is; Why isn’t Yahoo! absolutely over-run with articles? There were 3 today…4 if you count the fact that Vin Diesel’s Chevelle is on sale ( drool! pant! Le purr….I freakin’ WANT IT! GIMME! NOW!) The other movie had upwards of 5 per day leading up, after, and way way way the fuck after, its release. On topics including everything BUT the few people who actually died trying some of the stuff in the book. And the women who were assaulted with regard to the same. Yeah, that wasn’t really publicized. So….ya know…what gives?

Where are all of the posts/articles on these AWESOME cars? The stunts? The ‘Behind the Scenes’? The…Oh Isn’t Vin Diesel a Snazzy Dresser articles?

I mean, it couldn’t be because ALL of that hype surrounding “Fifty Shades of (psychotic) Grey” was bought and paid for…could it?

Surely not. (cough…choke)

I freely admit that this is only the second of the “Fast and Furious” movies we went to see in the theater. (We saw the first one there too) It wasn’t because we didn’t want to go, it was because they’re not really child-friendly movies and we were deep in the throes of raising two girls with no babysitters to rely on for a quick date night. I was the one, yes me the ‘female’, who insisted upon seeing this on the Big Screen. I was the one who bought the tickets online and told hubby to reserve the date.

I freely admit that I can’t freakin’ stand ‘Chick Flix’. Hate ’em. Rom-Com…no way. “The Notebook”…boring.

Give me hot guys, beautiful women, and totally mind blowing cars combined with fast action. I’ll take them over “Fifty Shades” of damn near anything any day of the week. I love Bad Boys, real ones–not some ‘my mama didn’t love me so I’m gonna screw with you’ assholes–, you always know where you stand with a real Bad Boy. That kind of honesty is hard to come by.

By next weekend I expect “FnF7” will have topped one BILLION dollars. I will also lay odds that it doesn’t hit DVD/Blu-Ray until September/October. “Fifty Shades of Shit” is going to invade your home May 8th less than 2 months after its theatrical debut. If you’re a movie lover you know exactly what that means.

Or, ya know, in this case, piping hot at 100+ miles an hour coming

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  1. Aww…man. May 8th, fucking fuckers. As if I haven’t had to touch the fucking books every time they come in now I have to deal with the damn movie so fucking soon. I guess that just means I’ll have to go to Avengers several times that week. Fuck…

  2. I plan on going to the theater for Age of Ultron at least twice…lol. I love me some Tony Stark!πŸ™‚

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