That Greedy Bastard

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I finally managed to finish my taxes. Woot. I was going to file for that extension until I realized they charge you 5%! WTF? So I muddled through with TaxAct and….we owe the Federal Government $489.00. The State of Connecticut owes us $331.00


Who makes this shit up? Do they just pull it out of thin air? I’m starting to think that they do.🙂

Oh well, we almost broke even so I guess that’s good. Provided its correct, of course, and who the hell can tell on that score? Plain English is very helpful but this stuff is like trying to read a doctor’s handwriting so next year somebody else gets to wade through this crap on our behalf. Trust me, no matter what, they will earn every single freakin’ penny.

What a nightmare. At least it’s done. Maybe I can sleep tonight.

Hate you Sammy! I really really do!

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  1. I hear ya girlfriend! I almost always break even, or owe a small amount. I remember the old days when I had small children (deductions) and always got a return! Those days are long gone for me, unfortunately😦

  2. I came up with a plan! I’m going to adopt a 14 year-old boy! I’ll get my son AND a tax deduction! When that one turns 18 I’ll get another one. My family will be HUGE and I’ll have all the sons I ever wanted! LOL!

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