Mysterious Ways

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First off, I guess I should say I feel very vindicated today. I do! If you’re a Yahoo! “news” reader you know what I’m talking about, you saw it no less than three different times in your “news” feed today. Yes, some people work their asses off to get noticed and sell a few books and others are part of the Good Ol’ Boys network and have a preordained ‘in’ with major publishing houses. But, you know, no need to believe me, try IMDB. Enough said.

Any-hoo, we’ve been working and chugging along with “Mysterious Ways”. I think it’s coming out very well and, if this keeps up, I suspect it will be ready for beta reading in little over a month although I have no plans to release it before July/August. Yes, I’m thinking about sticking to the original schedule with “Hannah’s Heart” coming out around Thanksgiving but that’s all up in the air and there’s no rush. We’re just going to travel down our merry little path in fits and starts at our own pace. The series is starting to sell a few copies which is nice. I checked my Kindle ‘sales’ the other day and, at first, thought I must have hit the wrong button. But I didn’t. I really have sold that many books this month🙂 No, not a millionaire yet…LOL

Shameless plugs coming…..

Prices go back to the normal $2.99 on May 6th in case you didn’t get the missive. So, if you’re interested in this series or The Doc series or some of my other stories you might want to check out Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, blah blah blah, before that.

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  1. Congratulations Lisa! I’m so happy to hear that sales are up! You so deserve it!!!

  2. Thanks! It’s no big deal, just a few more sales than usual, but it sure was nice to see🙂

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