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Wow! What a difference a day makes, huh? I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through this little re-write. No, it’s nowhere near done just yet. We’ll go back over the whole thing once we reach The End. To my surprise, it’s not quite as jumbled as I remembered it being and that’s always nice.🙂

I thought I’d give anyone out there who may be interested a tiny peek into what we’re up to.


“Sure,” Hannah answered. “Go on.” She knew Scott had more important things to do than sit here holding her hand while she held Rick’s. Watching him walk out the door, she held Rick’s limp hand to her cheek. Without thought or warning, she began quietly singing to him, “If you go chasing rabbits and you know you’re going to fall. Tell them a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call.”

Hannah stopped when she realized the words were coming out of her mouth. She looked up to the ceiling and began to pray to God to make Rick better. As if in answer to her prayer, that glorious light returned. It was so bright she nearly had to hold her hand to eyes to shield them. “Please, God, please, tell me what to do,” she whispered to the light.

The white rabbit walked out of the shining yellow light. This time it was as huge as a person! Dressed in a pinstriped suit, it stood on its hind legs and twitched its whiskery nose at her. It seemed to smile but then it fell to the ground dead. Hannah had to hold back the scream even as she started singing again; “Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know.” Then the lightly slowly dissipated and the rabbit along with it until she was alone again in the room with her very sick brother.

“I know you don’t believe,” she whispered as her heart beat a mile a minute, “but I do. I know you’re sick. I’m going to make you better.” She promised. “I won’t lose you. I can’t lose you.” Hannah stood up, bent over the bed and kissed his forehead. Not wanting him to be alone and not knowing how to find the elusive white rabbit Hannah sat there with him, holding his hand, soothing his fevered brow. He was flushed and sweaty, he mumbled a little bit in his sleep but she couldn’t make it out. “God wants me to save you and that’s what I’m going to do no matter what, I will do it, Rick. I will.”

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  1. Yup… that’s a tease!!! lol

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