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Got a couple more awesome reviews for “Genesis” and “Sins of the Father”🙂 It’s so nice to see this storyline getting a second chance at a life. I hated stowing it away for so long but wasn’t really in to the whole rewrite thing until last year. Then, of course, I had no idea if anyone would read it. That’s always a gamble when you step out of the box. But….check it out

This story is going to stick with me for awhile! I am at awe with this author!Great job,I applaud you!! TAKE A BOW LISA BETH DARLING… THIS WAS AMAZING!!

This is a very emotional story.This story will reach deep down in your soul and pull on every emotion you have.And it’s going to stick with you for awhile after you have finished it.Loved it!! Looking forward to more from this author.

Let me just say WOW.

Ms. Darling has brought these characters front, center and true to life.

It’s nice to know that a plain and simple story still has a place in this world. Does an old lady’s heart good, it surely does.🙂

But, ya know….no pressure to get “Mysterious Ways” right. LOL

Still having a few hiccups with that but I think we’re getting there. Now I’m second guessing myself on the stuff that we took out and thinking maybe we should put it back. Maybe we’re pushing too hard too fast with Nick and Hannah. Maybe we should bring the other stuff back and back off on the budding romance until the next story. Hannah needs more autonomy before she dives into a relationship. I think. Decisions. Decisions. At least I have the weekend to get it right. I don’t mind putting that stuff back in but I do mind finding all of the places it belonged! LOL OY. But, no rush. No hurry. This book isn’t even due out until mid-to-late summer so we’ve got plenty of time. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway and considering how far we’ve come in just over a week I think we’re doing ok.

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