With a Little Luck

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“Mysterious Ways” has gone off to my beta readers. We went over the whole thing and put stuff back in and took stuff out. I think its finished now. Maybe a few tiny things to add in on the last edit. With any luck at all, this thing will be wrapped up by the end of the month. That’ll be good. We’ll have one in the hopper while we work on “Regret Me Not”, which we already started doing. We combined “Cinnamon Girl” and “Regret Me Not” into one 60 page story. This should go very quickly and then The Doc series will be concluded. Sister Christian still has at least two stories in it especially with all of the changes here. We have to totally gut the next part and rearrange it. I thought we’d just dump it altogether but then remembered why it was there in the first place🙂 I think we can shorten it quite a bit but the major points have to stay. So we’ll get “Prodigal Son” a novella, with any luck! and “Hannah’s Heart” will finish it off. Maybe after all of that we can get back to “Stay With Me”. We’ll see. LOL

Right now I have to go to work. Oh, Monday, Monday.

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