Mother’s Day

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We’re doing something new this year. Normally hubby takes me around to the local nurseries and we buy a bunch of plants for Mother’s Day but this year all of my annuals wintered over…yeah! They did. I’m shocked! I guess they really love our spare room🙂 I never expected the impatience, dahlias, and begonias to winter-over, I was just trying to save their ceramic pots when I dragged them into the house last Fall. One rose bush is busting out all over and the other is slowly coming along. The strawberries are doing their best to come back. My rosemary is still a very happy girl. So….I don’t really need any plants except for a few tomatoes which I’ll pick up whenever I feel like it. I said to hubby last night that instead of buying plants I’d rather go to the movies. Let’s face it, in the end, the cost is about the same for dinner, a movie, and popcorn. Not to mention we’ve been waiting two years for the flick to release. He agreed and I went online this morning to buy our tickets for “Avengers: The Age of Ultron”.

I got the LAST TWO TICKETS! I was quite surprised that it was sold out already–this being the second weekend and all– but I was very happy to get the tickets especially since the seats are next to each other. (If they hadn’t been we would have waited until tomorrow but those shows are nearly sold out too!) We’re going to be in the front row so those recliners will really come in handy.🙂 Won’t be straining our necks looking up at the screen for 2 hours, instead we’ll be very comfy. I gotta get two or four of these things for the house complete with cup holders and trays. LOL

I’m sure I’ll be reviewing it here tomorrow. After that I’ll get back to editing “Mysterious Ways”. I got it back from the first beta reader and she really seemed to enjoy it but she agreed with me that the ending is a little weak so I’ll work on that and adding a few touches in with Nick and Hannah. A little song, a little dance, she can fall asleep in his arms during the storm. I like it. I’d been wanting to bring the whole story through Easter Sunday anyway so I guess that’s what we’ll do and we’ll wrap up the whole White Rabbit Theme in the process, that will be nice. Hopefully it will leave us a better starting point for “Prodigal Son”. All is on track to release “Mysterious Ways” some time this summer. No exact date yet.

I hope all you Moms out there have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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