Mysterious Ways-Hard Edit

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Well, it’s done. Finally. The hard edit on “Mysterious Ways” is over, we’ve successfully added in all of the catches my beta readers made alone with a bit of new material. Some expansion. Not much. Well, ok, a little. We got to a part where we had taken a lot out and decided this was, basically, our last chance to put it back. We decided it was as important as we originally thought it was and added it back in.

We’re just under the almighty 100,000 words.

We would still like to make it through Easter Dinner which technically would add another 6 chapters and 35,000 words. Far too long for the gnats of the world. And, when we decided to undertake this rewrite we sort of decided to keep each installment under 100,000 words and roughly uniform in length. The first two novels are 301 and 252 pages respectively. We don’t really want to go over 320 pages. Not really.

Lots more editing is required. Lots. We can grab the important parts and mash them into the time frame leading up to and finishing off with Easter Dinner if we’re very careful. Very careful. We’re really torn over adding the information on Nick right here near the end of this story or actually opening the next one with it even though it won’t really be about Nick. He’ll be a major player, of course, but this one is more of a suspense/mystery surrounding Hannah than anything else.

I don’t want to leave or open with him in a ‘bad’ place. His story will need editing and yet I cling to some of the ideals just for the old DOTG crowd that’s still with me.



Looks a lot like his Grandfather, doesn’t he?


(A lot like Raven but older and wiser.)

Yet, this is not “paranormal” so working some in and leaving some out is difficult. Bummer.

We’ll figure it out. I suppose. The weekend is coming, if it could be rainy that would help. In any case, we’re getting there and that’s what is most important. I think we’ll take the rest of the night off while hubby is at open mic. Maybe have a bath and sack out, let it roll around in ye olde brain and inspire the Boys in the Sweatshop down below.

Wish me luck!

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