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Well, I guess “Mysterious Ways” is done. I guess that because the Muse isn’t letting me go any further. I did add in a few more pages and I’ve sat here for hours between Friday and now trying to edit and add in more. But, it’s all for naught. I guess getting through Easter isn’t as important as I thought it was. Unfortunately that means I have to gut the crap out of the next part of the story and I’m not in any hurry to do that. We’re thinking perhaps we’ll upload it to Kindle as an ‘exclusive’ for the next 3 months and give it away over 5 day (yeah 5 crappy days, I still hate Bezos the Clown, I think he’s an asshole!) then, depending on whatever reviews we get we may try to go back and add some stuff in.

I hate this re-writing thing, it’s a PITA. BUT I so want this storyline to get out to the public beyond its original audience. I just love it. So I guess we’ll do what we can to make that happen. Not that anyone cares. I mean that sincerely. I’m so sick of seeing people lowering themselves to FSOG rip offs coming through my FB feed. Every time I see one, a little bit of food regurgitates itself it into the back of my throat. I still hate that crap and I no longer care how many ‘friends’ I lose over it. It’s pandering to the highest degree along with stellar marketing; not that anyone out there can see that or just how much (and well) they’ve been suckered. It’s easier to blame/drop a ‘friend’ than to admit that you were taken in by such BS, I know. They can cry all they want over the fact that I haven’t read the full story, fact is I never had to. There’s so much of it FREE…including full copies of every book and the original Fanfiction pieces..no one HAS to read the whole self-serving, unimaginative, vomit inducing thing. Here…check it out. 50 Terrible Lines from “Fifty Shades of” absolute shit along with 13 Powerfully Terrible Lines from (you know) You can Google the rest for yourself. Yes, I DO still blame these idiot women’s mothers for their lack of intelligence. If your mother read GOOD “mommy porn” you’d never pick up this crap. Ever. AND I figure anyone who’d get pissed off over my ‘opinion’ of this crap was probably never actually a friend of mine anyway. So go ahead and drop me as your ‘friend’ and don’t ever talk to me again. That’s fine with me. I’ve taken way more heat than EL James ever will and if that…ummm…woman…and her fans…can’t handle the heat of the vitriol that they so righteously deserve…I figure they don’t qualify as friends of mine anyway. I didn’t grow up in PC Land and have no need or desire to hang with those who did.

While I am looking VERY forward to Marlon Wayans’ parody of this crap, hey, man, it’s BOUND to better than ‘original that never was’, I think it’s time to elevate literature again…yeah, no, I’m not the one who’s going to accomplish that with my little “Sister Christian” series but, I suppose, I can help in my own small way. Not that it means anything since the story is still aimed at those 40 and over. Oh well, at least no one can ever accuse me of pandering to a younger audience just to make a few bucks.🙂 That means that while I won’t ‘cash in’ my integrity is still intact and that’s nice. I gave up the idea of making a living at this writing thing a long long time ago. It killed me to do that but, I realized that my soul is far more important than a million dollars. So I guess I learned something somewhere along the way. Oh yeah, that’s right; “Writing Fiction For Money is a Fool’s Game”-Stephen King. That’s right. Unless, of course, you ARE Stephen King then it’s a bit different. LOL. Although, I must say, I haven’t bought a book by The Master since “Full Dark, No Stars”, which I haven’t read. I know, I’m far behind. I used to read everything by him the second it came out but then Life set in and everything that comes with it. I’m lucky to see new movies now let alone sit down to read full novels. Sucks. But, what can you do? I didn’t have any interest in reading the JFK book either. It seemed stupid to me. Yet, yes, I own it. I’ll never finish “The Dark Tower” series. Not until I’m in a nursing home anyway,that’s when I intend to get back into it. If I still can by that time. I guess the economy is turning around because let me tell you the Construction Industry is BOOMING and by the time I get home after work all I want to do is watch the last 45 minutes of “General Hospital” and then pass out. Yes, that’s how busy work has been lately. That’s a good thing, I’m not complaining, it’s a very good sign for all of us but it’s a general bummer for me personally.

I don’t even have the energy to get out there and clean up my own damn yard! Which is why I’ve been looking around for lawn care service people today. I need to hire someone to come cut my grass! Yes, that’s f’d up but my old rider is DEAD and I don’t have the cash to buy a new one. It will be much more beneficial if I can hire someone to come and cut the damn grass this year. I need a new living room rug and new furniture (the old rug is threadbare and the furniture is crap!) Yet, I can’t afford that. So, I’ll try to find someone to come take care of the aesthetics in the yard and leave the rest alone. I have a walk-behind mower and a trimmer so I can do most of the close stuff myself. It’ll be good for me to get out and do that even though I’ve lost almost 15 lbs without even trying! Everyone’s looking at me lately saying; “have you lost weight?” or “Hey slim!” LOL I can even tuck my shirts in without being self-conscious about it anymore. Stress and spring water they’re awesome weight reducers.

Life has not been easy since hubby’s accident and, to tell you the truth, I’d like to find that absent minded bitch and throttle her. Even my sex life is crap. But we won’t get in to that. Let’s just say it’s probably going to be a very very long time before I write anything as hot as the OF WAR Series again. I keep wondering if *I* can get compensated for that. Never mind hubby. I was an erotica writer up until his accident and now…well, we won’t get in to how long it’s been since I hard…, ya know. I think I should get some money for that. Hell, if Al Sharpton’s idiot kid can sue for 5 million dollars just because she sprained her ankle on a sidewalk I should get something out of this! Never mind the accident…have you seen MY sidewalk? I should hold the City of New London hostage over it until they fix it.

Oh well,

Oh well, Memorial Day is almost here and we’re planning a nice little picnic on the deck with family, including my Cousin, and my friend Donna who was so kind as to come to see me at NEWS. I’m looking forward to that this coming weekend. At least that’s something! Yet, I’m still considering cashing in my chips when “Sister Christian” is done. Yep, I’m thinking about getting out of this game altogether. It may be the right decision for me when I factor in the shit that sells these days. It’s swiftly becoming not worth the aggravation and expense involved in being an Indie Author. That doesn’t mean I’ll quit writing but it does mean I’ll quit trying to sell my stuff. People love ‘free’. So, on my own terms, I may give it to them that way when it comes to any future stories.

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