Mysterious Ways-Its Done!

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Ok, so we went way the hell over the 100,000 word mark! LOL But we still kept it relatively low at just over 118,000 words. So, not too bad🙂

We polished up a lot of stuff and went back over a lot of stuff and decided on our new ending which, with any luck at all, wraps this story up very nicely. Now we can pick up at the next step leaving a lot dead weight behind. No rush to start that one just yet. We’ll do “Regret Me Not” first and then The Doc Series will be over and that will be good.

I did start that ThunderClap campaign and I’m promoting the hell out of it. In just over 48 hours we’re halfway to our goal of 100 supporters. If you’d like to be one of them I’d love for you to do that just click the link and follow the directions

In order to have it kick free for its release I have to move up the pre-order date so it will be available for purchase on Kindle by the end of the month but I’d suggest you wait a few weeks and get it free. I’m hoping tons of people come in and do that so I get the visibility and, ya know, just maybe they might be inspired book 1 or 2 or both. It could happen. It will be free June 19-23….tell your friends. LOL

I’ve sent it off to a few reviewers and contacted a few more, hopefully they’ll want to pick it up and then hopefully they’ll like it. Be a big bummer if they hated it. The ending chapters need a little go-over for spelling/grammar as they were rather rushed but I’ll get that taken care of in plenty of time for the launch. Other than that we should be pretty settled with this one. I’ll do paperbacks in a bit but probably not until after the free ebook period.

Light us a candle and wish us a little luck.

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