Regret Me Not

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What can I say? It’s pretty much done! I went through it today, sat here all day with it, and it’s still just 54 pages of insane sex.🙂 Well, that’s all it ever was..LOL…no sense in changing it now. For those of you who like crazy sex and extended f/m/f threesomes, I’m sure this is right up your alley. We’ll work with it a little more over the next few days but there’s no sense in trying to make into something it isn’t although we’ll do a little flourish and fill to bring it out a bit more. The Doc Series was always just a throwaway. So, it will be up and ready for reading around the time “Mysterious Ways” hits the open market. I figure we’ll just stick with the tradition and be done with this series now. We can spend the summer and fall bringing the Sister Christian Series home. Sounds like a plan.


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  1. Sinclair???? OK, I’m ready… bring it on!!!🙂

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