Doing Something I Hate

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I almost never ‘unfriend’ people on Facebook unless I 1-have no idea who they are because they’ve never contacted me in any manner whatsoever after we became ‘friends’ or 2-their posts are bitterly offensive. Even under the latter circumstance I’m more likely to do what I had to do today which is ‘block posts’. That means we’re still ‘friends’ I just can’t see their posts any longer and FB even has a nifty special button ‘less posts like this’. That lets me see their other posts, you know, the ones I’m interested in without being bothered by a constant frontal assault.

I took some heat for my opinion of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and lost a few ‘friends’ over it…no big deal. If they can’t handle me they don’t deserve me. BUT I’m talking about an 8 year assault on a weekly if not daily basis. Hey, man, I was no fan of George W. Bush but I didn’t throw out post after post, meme after meme, article after questionable article on the guy for his entire term in office and I certainly didn’t start before he was even elected.

Are ya feelin’ me here, Vern?

When it came to GWB, as always, I posted here in Ye Olde Blog when I felt the need to vent or point something out but didn’t go out of my way to do it on FB or Twitter or anything like that. No matter who’s in office they’re still the President–it’s a tough freakin’ job and I sure don’t want it–so s/he deserves a modicum of respect even if that’s all they get.

Since I don’t feel it’s my place to send this ‘friend’ a nagging email wherein I opine about their behavior and how wrong it is or they are I hit ‘less posts like this’. Now we can stay ‘friends’ but I don’t have to feel my blood boil just because I’m poking around in my FB feed. I’ll still see the pics they post–personal ones; family/vacation things like that and the written posts they post about what’s going on with them. We can still interact and keep our ‘friendship’ in tact. That’s important to me because other than this (and a few other issues like it) I like this person. I don’t have to feel as though I’m interfering with their Freedom of Speech, which is something I would never do, by telling them their posts offend me. (Honestly, a bunch of them stop just short of screaming WHITE POWER!) But there are others who don’t feel the same way I do so if you happen to be ‘passionate’ about something others might find objectionable, just remember this; The First Amendment protects you from the Government NOT your neighbor. But, ya know, I learned that lesson way before my “Fifty Shades of Grey” posts, which is why I didn’t hit the ‘unfriend’ button or shoot off an email🙂

If you have a FB ‘friend’ like this and you’re considering ‘unfriending’ them because of it, the next time a post you find offensive comes up move your cursor to the top right of the post and a nifty little box will appear. It’s magick! Trust me, it’s a sanity saver.

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