Daddy Jack’s-Piggin’ Out in New London

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Last night we decided to try Daddy Jack’s on Bank Street here in good ol’ New London. We’d been by it a few times and thought it looked interesting. Hubby told me one day that he watched a man making pizzas in the window and I thought that sounded good. Of course, around here, we’re such an amalgamation of cultures that when you go to a new pizza joint you’re never really sure just what type of pizza you’re going to get! It could be thin crust. It could be more of a medium crust or it could be deep dish. The signs basically just say ‘pizza’. It’s a crap shoot.🙂

Daddy Jack’s is a very nice place that feels homey. It’s not fancy, well maybe a tiny bit, but not much. Blue jeans are definitely welcome which is always a plus in my book. It’s also very clean and displays local art which I always like. Ok, sometimes the ‘art’ itself is kind of…eh…but I always like the idea of places displaying works by local artists.

The menu is not big, not by a long shot. It’s rather targeted and narrow. However, the Specials of the Day can be very long. Unfortunately, our waitress did not tell us of the Specials of the Day so we lost out on somethings that sounded rather tasty but we didn’t find out about until the end of our meal when another waitress recited them to a table next to us. That aside, this is a very Italian place. I have to say that what they do, they do very well!

We got the meatball salad to start. I never heard of one before and I like to force myself to try something new if it sounds like something I’d like. This is one spicy meatball and it’s also very good. Trust me on that one because I don’t really like spicy food. It came with a small salad of fresh greens–I know they were fresh because from my table I watched the chef prepare it–topped with a tomato/balsamic vinaigrette. The meatball came on the side covered with mozzarella and marinara. We discovered that you can learn how to make these wonderful slightly spicy meatballs online along with many of their other dishes.

Check it out, there’s a ton of good stuff to make at home🙂

After our meatball salad, we each ordered a small pizza. Hubby got Chicken Thai and I got the Margaretta, which is my go-to favorite especially at places I’ve never been to before.

Do you remember my blog on Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven? Yes, this is a place I am STILL trying to get back to! Pizza has not been the same since Pepe’s😦

Daddy Jack’s is very reminiscent of Pepe’s. This made me very happy. It’s not quite as good but it’s very close. Nice thin crust, slightly burnt and bubbled with the right amount of cheese and diced tomatoes. Hubby’s Chicken Thai was also very tasty–it’s not my favorite no matter who makes it–and I did enjoy my bites of it very much. Extremely fresh, again I actually watched the chef make the pizzas in a big old brick oven. It’s better than the Recovery Room, which I like very much. The price is on-par with them and the small pizza at Daddy Jack’s is the same size–if not a bit bigger–than the 1 size the Recovery Room serves. Obviously, for me, Daddy Jack’s isn’t as convenient as the Recovery Room or Ocean Pizza (still my #1! Even after 48 years!) but it was nice to go downtown and watch the world go by.

I have every reason to believe that the other items on Daddy Jack’s menu are just as good as their pizza and meatball salad. They are definitely on our list of local area restaurants to frequent. In fact, I think whenever hubby goes down for open mic that he’ll be coming back with a pizza instead of a pot roast sandwich. Also tasty, don’t get me wrong, the Bulkeley House serves some damn good food.

If you’ve been to Pepe’s and you adored and long for it the way I do–hell I DREAM about it!–then definitely give Daddy Jack’s a whirl. I doubt you’ll be disappointed by the food, the people, or the ambiance.

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