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“Regret Me Not” came back from its beta reader last night and got high marks! Since it’s only 54 pages, I’ll go over it, make a few small changes, format it, and upload it as a Kindle Select Exclusive. It will kick FREE 6/19-6/23 along with “Mysterious Ways”. “Regret Me Not” is the last installment in The Doc series so that will be wrapped up. It will ‘go out’ the same way it ‘came in’; as a very strange companion to Sister Christian. LOL

A reviewer has devoured “Sins of the Father” and “Mysterious Ways” over the course of 2-3 days and they loved it. I’m looking very forward to seeing their reviews! If you have read either book and have not reviewed it yet I would appreciate it very much if you would be kind enough to review before 6/19. The more good reviews the more people will grab “Mysterious Ways” when it goes up for free.

The Thunderclap campaign has reached and even surpassed its goal of 100 participants!🙂 That will kick to all participating individual’s social media pages/sites on 6/20. There’s still time to join if you’re interested. I’d love to have you.

I think we’ll have a nice little 5 day Summer Sale on Kindle this year (sorta kills me to do that but…what the hell?). Almost all of my Kindle books have been added to Kindle Prime so if you’re a Prime member you can now 1-click your way through most of my catalog and read free if you’re a Prime member. Hopefully that will be beneficial when we have our little sale. I’m torn between leaving the prices of the books the way they are or reducing “Genesis” to a paltry $0.99 during the sale. Prime members can already get it free but I guess it might be a nice thing to do for those who don’t have Prime. They get the first book in the Sister Christian series for $0.99 and the most current book free. They’d have to pay for “Sins of the Father”. “On a Hot Summer Night” has always been $0.99 so we can’t do much for our little Doc series. I thought we might drop the price of “The Heart of War” during the sale to see if we can get a few people interested in that. Again, it’s on Prime along with every book in the series except “Christmas Eve on Olympus”, so you can 1-click for free.

Well, it’s Friday and I have to get to work. Whoo-hoo.🙂

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