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For the first time in forever I was stuck for something to do yesterday. I was! I have no writing, no formatting, no promotional work, no graphics work and very little web work to do. I sat here staring at the screen wondering what I was going to do to fill my time and it was quite annoying. I felt completely lost.

I decided to take hubby back upstairs for a while and allowed him to rub my back🙂 Then we had a nice time but then I was bored again. We decided to go out and see if we could find a new game to play. We went to the pawn shop and Game Stop (twice, once in the Waterford Plaza and once in the Crystal Mall) then went stopped at Burger King in the food court. It was nice to be out of the house and enjoying a delightful late spring day.

Then we got the call from my father in-law; Are you coming today?

There had been some miscommunication between my hubby and my FIL over ‘taxes’ vs. ‘Texas’. It turned out to be ‘taxes’ and we ended up going over there just as we were on our way home. FIL is moving to Wisconsin to be near his siblings and he has an entire house full of my late MILs antiques/pictures/general stuff. I mean a house FULL. F-U-L-L. They have a rocky past and all hubby really wanted was some old family photos though we didn’t find as many as those in the hot hot hot attic as we would have liked. He did find a nice handful of them including a 16×20 portrait of him and his brother when they were, I dunno, 8 and 9?

My MIL had an attic FULL of old glassware/pottery. I mean, again, F-U-L-L. We went up there for the first time in 20+ years and looked around. I couldn’t stay up there too long because it was so damn hot. I did manage to rescue a few pieces that had caught my eye 30 years ago. There’s more. OH SO MUCH MORE! Boxes and boxes and boxes of it! It’s mind boggling. If, in the end, my FIL is really just going to pull a 40 yard dumpster up to the house and throw EVERYTHING out then I will happily take the contents of the attic…mouse poop and all….bring it home, lovingly wash each piece by hand, sort it out, keep whatever is ‘good’ and then have a massive yard sale. Just the idea of throwing ALL of that out without inspecting it first is really breaking my heart. I love antiques, especially glassware and ceramics. Blame my mother! I spent a great deal of my childhood Antiquing on the weekends and on every single vacation.🙂

Anyway, here are some of the pieces I managed to save yesterday. I’ve been trying to find any information on the basin/pitcher sets but not having any luck. I’ve always wanted one of these and now I have two!




This set is marked: Floridian December then hand painted in gold is the number 120 then HAYNES then hand painted is gold is then number 32 and BALT

I rescued this one too
No markings on this one and it’s just the basin and pitcher

I rescued these as well

I have no idea if they’re old or not, I just thought they were pretty

The green glass here I rescued as well, the plate is depression glass and I think the glass is too.

The two bunnies were hiding in one of the pitchers, I also picked up the blue vase (not old) and the cranberry pitcher (which I think is old)

A marble vase/pot made to look like a torch outside a Greek/Roman temple. Again, I don’t think it’s old but it is solid stone and now hubby has some place to keep his Xbox gear🙂

Yes, I picked up so much stuff I had wash down my mantle and bookcase and rearrange everything…LOL. In a few years when they’re settled in their own houses the girls might like to have some of these pieces.

In the meantime, I’d like to try to find out some information about them so if you have any clue at all I hope you’ll share it with me.

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