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Good news! “Genesis” has been nominated in the Best Book of 2015 category by BTS Emag! Woot! I had thrown its proverbial hat into the ring earlier under the “customer” awards but it actually made it into the main portion of the program which is based on reviews. Needless to say, I’m very excited to see their review for this story.🙂 Having run an awards program and been nominated in several others, I’d pretty much given up on them because they can be so political. Yeah, believe it or not, little online awards programs can cause havoc! This one isn’t open to the public for voting it’s all done internally by the emag so there’s no chance of an onslaught of people running in to simply vote “against” me…you know, as opposed to really voting “for” someone else. So, win, lose, or draw, it’s all above board. I don’t expect to win but it sure would be nice to make it to the final round. However, I did add the fact that it has been nominated to the little blurb on Kindle/Amazon🙂

I worked hard on a new missive for my mailing list, got it all nice and pretty, and sent it out only to have some jerk try to rip me a new one over them being on the list. They even posted a ridiculous rant on FB about it. They marked me as ‘spam’ instead of hitting ‘unsubscribe’ and then wondered why why why do authors do it this way now! Why don’t we sit down for hours upon hours writing ‘personal’ emails to each and every blog anymore!

Here’s a tip, sweetie; Authors do it this way because we simply don’t have the time to track down every single blog out there, write a ‘personal’ email (it’s really just a standard copy/paste thing with the salutation changed anyway) then hope and pray that someone will say; Yes, we’d love to review your book/have you on our blog. We especially don’t have the time to totally waste when blog owners can’t even be bothered to acknowledge they received our emails, really we’ve had enough of the ‘no response response’ from agents and publishing houses already. If we had to do it the old-fashioned way over and over and over again we’d never have the time to WRITE A STORY. Duh. BTW, this particular person, sends me unsolicited material I never signed up for whenever they want me to join one of their blog hops even though they decry Indie Authors like myself. Yes, according to her little rant she ‘never reads indie authors’. As though we have the plague or something. I get dozens of these things that I never signed up yet I don’t use my precious time to bash the list owner….imagine that, huh? I either ‘unsubscribe’ or just ‘delete’ them and, ya know, sometimes I even actually LOOK at them to see if there’s something interesting in there. If this particular blog owner could do more than rant she might find something interesting in “all” those mailing lists she’s suddenly been subscribed to as well. Don’t worry, I didn’t take her to task over it, I simply pointed out the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the end of the email. Yes, she still bitched at me. I won’t be a bitch the next time one of her unsolicited emails wanting me to join her latest blog hop shows up in my email, I’ll be an adult and simply delete it unread.

Well, my day is over for now…until its time to make dinner. So I’m going to kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy this rainy day thinking about Hannah and Nick.

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  1. Hannes and nick. I’d that isn’t a reason to crack my whip and hope for book 4 soon! 😆

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