The Writer’s Life-A Follow-Up

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Well, I finished posting to my blog yesterday, checked my email and what did I find?

Yes, an email from the questionable blog owner we spoke of yesterday. She wanted me to join her latest blog hop.

Fancy that, hey?

At first I ignored it. Then I thought I might actually use it to my advantage since her hop coincides with the time frame that “Mysterious Ways” and “Regret Me Not” will be free on Kindle. Then someone pointed out to me that she’d called me ‘a nutter’ because I didn’t fall at her feet and beg her forgiveness over what she considered an egregious breach of etiquette on my part. I decided to point out her hypocrisy to her and what do you know? Like any good babbler she just can’t see it. According to her these two incidents aren’t alike at all.

Ok. It’s true she sent out a mass email to however many people are in her contacts list. It’s true I sent out a mass email to however many people are in my contacts list. The difference is mine was professional and took time to create and, of course, went through a mail server. Hers had none of that. Other than style and amount of time taken to create, about the only real difference between the two situations is the mail server. Nothing more than that.

When she originally complained yesterday I simply told her to unsubscribe from my list and left it at that. Simple. Easy. No fuss-no muss. Today when I asked her for the same courtesy–because, unlike my mailing list, her emails don’t offer an automatic ‘unsubscribe’ button and I have to actually ask her to take me off her list–she just kept on babbling and ranting at me.

So, just a heads up, if you hear any ranting and raving about me from…The Crazy Cat Lady…pay it no mind. Should you come across ‘bad reviews’ for my work in the near future, likewise, pay it no mind. I certainly won’t.

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