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What a day! I’m exhausted and you’ll see why as we go along. We went back to FIL’s house today and dug around in the attic some more. Honestly, this thing is so jam packed the process of looking through it all could go on for days. We spent about 2 hours. We dug and rummaged through just about everything you can think of including tons and tons of old paper. Just newspapers and magazines and bags full of articles cut out from newspapers and magazines. My FIL’s paycards from like, the Korean War, were up there….ALL of them. OY. We did manage to find one of his metals, I’m not up on military stuff so I have no what metal it was but he seemed happy to see it again.

Anyway, by the time we left we couldn’t fit another damn thing in the car! Not even with both rear seats down! It was all covered with layers of dust, insulation, mouse poop and dried urine. That’s always fun. Yep, we brought home a few dead mice. At least there weren’t any living ones.πŸ™‚ Not wanting to bring the boxes and all of the layers into the house we hauled it onto the deck.




Really, that’s not half of it.

We spent the rest of the day unwrapping stuff and sorting it out. Then I spent three hours washing items by hand. There’s still more out there. I just can’t do anymore today and I’m pretty sure whatever was ‘good’ in all of that stuff is now shiny, pretty, and sitting on my kitchen table.


Let’s take a closer look shall we?









Yes, as you can see, this time anything that has a mark on it I tried to photograph the mark too. I have oodles of research ahead of me!

I love these sundae cups. I think they’re ‘old’ but don’t quite qualify as ‘antique’ just yet. Maybe they’re from the 1920-1940 era.

These are pretty and very delicate. They’re marked ‘France’ and that’s it. I have no idea if they’re ‘old’ or not.😦



I found a few more pieces of Depression Glass–I think the pattern is Green/Emerald Madrid. It looks like my Amber Madrid. The other dish isn’t Depression Glass but I’m sure its around the same era.


I think this a chamber pot without its top but I’m not sure



This has got to be the biggest freakin’ bowl I have ever come across. It swallows my wash basins. It has a nifty companion pieces. No markings on either but they appear ‘old’. I have no idea what one would ever use a bowl that big for. Maybe to wash delicate clothing or a baby? I dunno.


Some delicate wine glass and, yes, two more pieces in the set of that Haynes set! That’s almost the whole thing.πŸ™‚



Several boxes had sets of bone china but there are no complete sets. Mikasa has been in a business a long time and as far as I know they’re still in business so I don’t know if this an ‘old’ pattern or not. More research is needed.




There are two different makers to this set. I think this was my husband’s grandmother’s fine china. I’m almost positive the ‘R’ stands for Resos. I’ll have to get better pics of this set tomorrow.




We picked up a few vases and some pottery. There’s still another set of dishes out there to be washed. It’s marked ‘Richard’ and has birds on it. I think my MIL bought some stuff in lots as the whole thing is marked with tags reading ‘110’. It’s not a full set but it’s sort of nice.

Hubby grabbed some of his mother’s cookbooks, a few old ones that are neat, and he even found her handwritten/typed recipes for some of his favorite childhood dishes. That was a really great find. I’m hoping her Ponsett recipe is in there somewhere. He also found an old Tonka trunk that him and his brother used to ride down the street on, an old crock for making sauerkraut, and some strange tiny jug of corn whiskey that once chipped his tooth.πŸ™‚

I found two nice herbal books. A few boxes of Christmas ornaments though they aren’t old at all. A few figurines still in their boxes, one nice angel and a Norman Rockwell ‘inspired’ piece. A couple of beer steins but they aren’t old either. Some silver, there is a big silver platter and parts of two different tea sets. There’s a bunch of stuff! But I’m tired now.

Yep, now I need a very hot bath and a movie.

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  1. The 2 pieces of green stemware and the gold platter look like Tiara Glass.

  2. Glad to help. I’ve collected the gold Tiara since I was like 6, my mom used to sell it.

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