Nearing the End of the Line-American Pickers III

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Not too much left today, right now there’s an entire dishwasher full of glass candy dishes. They were so incredibly filthy I didn’t have another choice but to put them in the dishwasher and since I don’t think there’s anything of value in there and the glass is all heavy they should be just fine.

I even managed to find places to put all of the stuff from yesterday! LOL Yeah, my living room is just full of shiny objects now. I even found a spot for that massive bowl. Hubby says his mother used to serve spaghetti in it. I asked how many people she was feeding and he said just them. That thing would hold enough spaghetti to feed a small army.

Spent a lot of time trying to track down makers and ages. One of the vases may have a nice bit of value to it. Figures, I grabbed it at the last second simply because I thought it was so ugly it was probably worth something! That Haynes pitcher set is worth a few hundred, not too much because it isn’t complete but should I stumble across the few missing pieces it would be a very nice set. No word on the other basin/pitcher set, no markings means I can’t do much more than an image search. The small Mikasa set that I found yesterday is probably from the 80’s. Some of the pieces go for a few bucks but nothing major. Still trying to find more information on what I think is hubby’s grandmother’s good china. I’ll keep looking and trying to track down information on everything.

Here’s some of the stuff from today.



It’s a cute little set, not complete but still cute. Trying to research ‘Richard’ turning out to be a wee bit difficult.🙂






The remnants. The pink coffee pot is Melita, probably from the 60’s or 70’s. The terrine is Pfalstaff probably from the 70’s. The weird blue glass mugs come from China, they came in a red box packed with a Chinese newspaper. It’s not real silver and one of the mugs is cracked making it unusable but I thought they were kind of cool. The fish is ugly, isn’t it? LOL The coffee mugs are marked ‘Japan’, judging from the tree I’d say it’s from the 70’s.

There are Christmas ornaments still out on the deck. They’re all new, all still in their boxes, most marked ‘75% off’. I’m not in any hurry to bring those inside but the girls might like them. I’m tired and, for some strange reason, I feel like I robbed the flea market. At least I’m clean, yep, I had a very hot shower last night.🙂

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  1. The fish looks like something cool to serve fish chowder in and since you don’t like fish … lol

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