The Harbor Light

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Do you remember these guys and this project?

They busted their butts on their own time and their own dime without any pay to help restore and protect New London’s Harbor Light. That’s right….free. I helped. We got scaffolding donate, covered the cost of the transportation of the scaffolding, the unloading, the erecting, the taking down of said scaffolding. We got it painted.

Why? I guess because some people know how to come together for the greater good while others can only sit on their butts whining and crying ‘poor me’. Oh well, that’s what those types of folks are good for, it ain’t much but it’s something. Have you ever noticed that it’s always the ‘less fortunate’ among us who know how to pull together while the ‘haves’ just sort of stand around looking useless wondering why anyone would put any type of effort into anything at all without a big pay off?


Oh….here….read this.

New London Maritime Society Pushes Harder for Dock as it Faces Another Property Dispute

Yeah, cute, huh? You know either of those ‘families’ could have offered assistance at any time during the project and it would have been gratefully accepted but they didn’t. All they could do was bitch and cause trouble, get in the way, be a general pain in the pass, and pity themselves because they were inconvenienced and we all know how Baby gets when it does not get its bottle.


They’re sort of like the people (true stories here) that buy a house next to the train tracks then complain about the noise from the train, the whistle, the flashing lights and dinging bells at the cross. Or like the people who buy a house on the water only to complain that the fog horn is ‘too loud’. Or the people who buy a house right next to a historic church only to complain about the bells ringing calling the faithful to Mass on Sunday morning.

Yeah, some people really do believe the world should not only revolve around them but actually change just for them and anything that disrupts that is met with…


Luckily for the rest of us the world does not revolve around them and it will never change for them…with people like this, it will never be changed by them either because they’re too self-interested to see beyond the tip of their own pointy little noses. Yet, the adults out here take charge and effect change because we know when to put Baby in its crib and let it screams its little lungs out.

Unfortunately, the Maritime Society can’t do that and they have to waste precious resources on people like this. However, the rest of us can treat these overgrown self-absorbed self-important and good-for-little-if-anything “people” exactly this way and we should. They deserve nothing but scorn and disdain from the General Public in whatever way the General Public sees fit to dole it out to them.

I’m no fan of Eminent Domain but I’ve said before and I’ll say again; New London should move to seize the Ring property and rejoin the lighthouse with the light keeper’s house. One of the dumbest things the Coast Guard ever did was sell off the light keeper’s houses while retaining the lighthouses themselves. That lighthouse belongs to ALL of New London and ALL in New London should be able to freely enjoy it. In this case, Eminent Domain would actually be in the Public Interest and not in Corporate Interest like the Fort Trumbull debacle. Rejoining the properties would make a nice little park in the south end of the city with both houses open to tourists in the nice weather for a very nominal feel. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Waesche property being joined to it, it will make a nice parking lot with a little gift shop…maybe some picnic tables.

The alternative is for Baby to grow up and realize its place in this world is not the center of the universe. But we all know that will never happen. Not in this case. Baby’s more interested in sucking on a bottle and in tearing down bridges than it is in building them.

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