Dancing Under the Rainbow

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Rainbows are rare. They only come during a Sun Shower.

Over the last few days my personal FB feed had been filled with a lot of things; pride, support, love, bigotry, hatred, Narcissism, hubris, confusion,frustration, anger and general What-The-Fuckness.


Ya know, if I could impart just one small bit of advice to you at this particular point in time (and in hopes that helps you past this particular point in time) it would be this; When people show you who they really are…believe them.

As much as it hurts.

As much as you don’t want to.

As much as it pisses you off.

Believe them.

Then make a decision whether to stay or go. Not to stay and argue unto the until of time but to stay with some form of acceptance because you find that someone has good qualities beyond one difference of opinion.

OR…if they’re driving you crazy on Facebook you can choose the ‘unfollow’ button like I did. Yep, you’re still ‘friends’ but until you choose to ‘follow’ them again you can’t see whatever it is they’re posting. The person you ‘unfollow’ won’t know. No matter which side of any given fence you’re on it’s an awesome tool. I love it! Use it. Save your sanity. Lower your blood pressure.🙂

There are two type of Americans in this country; those who believe that we are all equal under the law and those who feel they have an inherent right to subjugate segments of the population. They say it’s because “God Says So” but, in my very humble opinion, it’s merely because doing so makes them feel better about themselves in some manner.

I pity them, in the deepest recesses of my heart, I honestly pity them. I don’t want to. But I do.

That’s why I didn’t ‘unfriend’ any of them.

The First Amendment gives every American the right to get up on their Soap Box and shout whatever they want from the top of their lungs. I support that. It also gives every American the right to tell said Soap Boxer they are full of shit, or to join them, or walk away from them. I opt to walk away not just to keep my sanity but because I learned long ago there was no sense in shouting to deaf ears.

First off, I’d really like to say that Marriage did NOT BEGIN with CHRISTIANITY. Nope. Sorry, it didn’t. And, of course, the “definition” of “marriage” has changed a great deal in the US (and other parts of the world) over the course of History. A woman is no longer considered her husband’s “property”, it is no longer perfectly OK for a husband to beat and/or rape his wife, I can’t buy your daughter for a goat anymore and so on and so on.


As I understand it from 12 years of History/Social Studies/World Cultures/US & Citizenship Classes, I had to pass throughout my academic career (and did so with aces, btw)… Every Law Abiding Tax Paying Citizen of This Country is ENTITLED to Equal Protection Under The Law. That’s one of our founding principles. We have Equal Rights. Equal Opportunities. Equal Responsibility. No matter who we are or what we believe in. I, as a Citizen of the United States of America, am morally bound NOT to deny these rights and privileges to ANY of my Fellow Citizens as We Are All Created Equal.

It can be a tough pill to swallow. It can.

While those of certain “religions” do not like the decision handed down by the Supreme Court, I sympathize, but I remind them of the Separation of Church and State.

The Church doesn’t get to the make the rules that govern the whole body of the country.

The Government doesn’t get to tell the Church what to do.

The Government will never sanction any “religion” over another.

The Government, in terms that some out there will understand better than others, has agreed to Render Unto Cesar Those Things That Are Cesar’s (mans) and to Render Unto God Those Things That Are God’s.

God, whatever one you believe in, will judge you by how you treated your fellow man, His fellow creations. Whether you liked them or not, agreed with them or not, how did you treat them? With respect or disdain?

It’s up to you to decide. Free Will and all.

You know, as I recall, one of the greatest sins of ALL was to Presume to Know the Mind of God.

I could be wrong on that.

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