Our Little Experiment

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OK, so my books are currently set up this way;

Regret Me Not
Mysterious Ways
OF WAR Complete
The Shame of Eminent Domain
A Window to Magickal Herbalism
The Limikkin

You can’t get those books anywhere other than Kindle. The first two come off Select late August and the rest are enrolled until early October. All are available in the Lending Library and on Unlimited. All are at 70% except The Limikkin which is just a $0.99er anyway. Kindle Select would be a much better program if Kindle did something to promote the authors using it, instead, they’ve instituted a new program for Select authors wherein they want us to PAY them for the advertising while we’re being exclusive. Sounds like a really cheap date, doesn’t it? Oh, yes, and the minimum buy-in to place these ads is $100.00. I get to be their whore and pay for dinner….lucky me.

Cold November Rain
Sins of the Father
The Heart of War
Women of War

Those books are also still available on all major retailers along with my other titles. So here we’re just trying to see how many people actually go for the Lending Library/Unlimited. I hear tales of authors who do fairly well this way but my own experience has been quite different in that I haven’t made more than gum money off either of those programs over the years. For the next 3 months you can use those features for those books if you like. With this second group I’ll be able to get an idea of ‘borrows’ vs. actual sales on Kindle and every other site.

ALL other books are NOT available for Unlimited or the Lending Library.

I did reduce the price on Genesis, Sins of the Father and Mysterious Ways to $2.99/each for the duration. That’s a little side experiment as my OF WAR titles are largely $3.99 with the exceptions of Christmas Eve on Olympus (always $0.99) and Women of War (always $2.99) Yes, the reduced price applies to all retailers except, of course, for Mysterious Ways which is still a Select Exclusive.

I do get a few ‘free days’ with Select for the new enrollments but, if I were you, I wouldn’t go looking for OF WAR Complete to pop free. I may put it on a Kindle Countdown Deal. The two non-fiction titles won’t do very well, I’m sure, but I’ll give them away at some point along with The Limikkin. Regret Me Not and Mysterious Ways have already used their ‘free days’ so sorry, no more deals there.

I’ll be back on August 6th to give you the rundown on the numbers provided there’s anything to report.

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