The Fireworks That Weren’t

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It was SailFest this weekend but we did not go. The crowd is usually huge and jam-packed, I didn’t want hubby’s shoulder getting jostled about so we decided to skip the festival but still take a walk down to see the fireworks last night.

That didn’t quite pan out.

We’re really loving this NetFlix thing. I’m well into season 9 of “Supernatural”. We watched the entire half-season of “Firefly” and then watched our own copy of “Serenity”. I watched a season of “Lost”. A few nights ago we discovered it will also bring us “Farscape”.🙂

I spent half the day making a slideshow for my website, what a PITA! But I finally found a nifty little site that will let me put one together for free. So I got that going. Made a new header and switched some links around on the front page. Then I watched “Supernatural” while hubby played his game. When he was finished, we started watching “Farscape” and by the time 8:30 rolled around I was so relaxed I had no desire to make the walk to see the fireworks. I got my lazy ass off the couch, we got ready, we walked out the door and there was Charlie. I could see he had something so I walked over to investigate and saw a tiny field mouse laying on its back.

Hubby said, “Tell him he’s a good boy.”

Fuck that. I know it’s a cat’s nature but I won’t praise him for him.

Charlie wandered around my legs and away from the mouse. I saw it twitch. I rolled it over. Its beady little eyes looked up at me. I picked it up, felt its poor little heart thundering in its chest and gently took it to a different area of the yard where it scampered away. I walked over to where hubby was standing ready to go.

“Go inside and wash your hands,” he said.

“It’s just a mouse,” I said.

He stood there staring at me until I went inside and washed up. I came back out. We started out of the yard and Charlie grabbed my leg. I looked down for him but couldn’t see him. We kept walking. I looked back. There’s Charlie stalking us through the yard. I tried several time to chase him back into the yard but he would have none of it. It was clear he was fascinated by this walking-thing we were doing and intended to follow. I scooped him up, put him in the house, came back outside, walked up to hubby who was grinning like a…Cheshire Cat. I looked down. There’s Harry. We took a few steps. Harry took a few steps.

Oh bother!

I look back in the yard and here comes Mongo also wondering what we’re doing and where we’re going.

“Do you really want to go see the fireworks?” I asked.

“I don’t think they’re going to let us,” he replied. He scooped up Mongo.

I scooped up Harry.

We put them in the house. We turned back to the door. The cats stared at us. I swear they either think they’re dogs or people. I’ve never seen them so interested in us just walking out of the yard nor so intent on coming with us. It was like some bizarre mini-version of “The Birds”.

“Wanna watch “Farscape”?”

He looked down at the cats, “Sure.”

We went upstairs, put on the AC, closed the door, stretched out on the bed and watched another episode. It was a good thing too. I went to the bedroom window to look out and couldn’t see very much. Usually I can see the very highest ones from the window but all I saw last night, for the most part, was lots of colors way down past L&M near where the water is. There weren’t even many big booms. I went back to bed and looked out my window as the yard lit up here and there but without much zest.

After “Farscape” we found “The Interview”.

The great thing about NetFlix is you can turn anything off at any time and not feel cheated so we gave it a shot. What a f’d up movie. Funny in its own stupid Rogen/Franco way but certainly nothing to threaten to kill anyone over. If you liked “Pineapple Express” you’ll like this one too.

Long about 2am I heard Nature’s Call, I opened the door, went in the bathroom, did my thing, came out…there’s Charlie bounding down the hallway mewing all the way; Oh mommy! Mommy! You’re up! Wait for me!

I opened the bedroom door for him, put him on the bed, turned to shut the door and there was Mongo staring at me; Me too, mommy? Me too?

So last night, like most nights, I slept squished between my hubby on one side and Charlie and Mongo pressed up against me on the other. I always thought having three men in my bed would go a little differently🙂

I guess we didn’t miss out on anything. Miss Nicole reports there was only 1 barge and they didn’t last very long. Most of my friends who posted on FB said SailFest was ok but, as it has been in recent years, is on the decline. I don’t know why they don’t get really cool vendors anymore it’s always the same stuff now.

For the rest of the day I’m going to write. Just a little something. The Big Guy seems to be horny and he wants to make love to his Wife. So we may do a little short story with just the two of them passing a summer night together. That would be good. I haven’t written a sex scene in so long I think I’ve forgotten how! If anything, ah, comes, of it, I’ll let you know.

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  1. LOL I’ve been binge watching season 4 of Farscape this week. I spend most nights with Sofi’s butt in my face and Lulu on my feet.

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